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Open call!

Weld Company is looking for two local choreographers week 43 or 45 this fall.

Weld Company is looking for local choreographers for one week of work in the fall season 2019. This is a commission, yet a soft informal one. We encourage choreographers from all corners of the dance field to come with proposals. Maybe we do not know you yet!

The Weld Company theme is ”No Talking/No Props” (focusing on movement practices). At the end of the week the work is presented to an audience in a very low-key, analogue format, with room for discussion.

You get to work with 5-6 performers from the company. You can apply with re-visiting old material, trying something new or a concept that you want to research and perform.

The generated material is shared with an audience and the embodied knowledge and methods experienced will belong to the archive of the dancers/the company. The work should be possible to repeat as if it belongs to a repertoire.

Conditions: A commission fee
Please tell us who you are and your ideas and a video link, do not overwork it is summer!
Please send your application to company@weld.se before July 1.
We will send you an answer by mid August.

Weld, juni 6, 2019

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Weld, oktober 17, 2018

Välkommen till Weldweb!

Här kan du läsa om vad vi arbetar med och under vilka former vi genomför våra projekt. Kommande händelser kan du läsa om i fliken nere i vänster hörn här på första sidan. Under projekt kan du läsa mer om vad som skett här sedan vår start. Biljetter bokar du här

Weld, augusti 16, 2018