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Nov 16+17+18. The Art of Laboring (TAoL) / Nefeli Oikonomou

Nefeli Oikonomou presents her new performance The Art of Laboring (TAoL) together with Sebastian Lingserius.

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Av Weld, 2018-11-09

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Here you can read about what we are working on. The upcoming events you find in the left-hand corner tab, here on the front page. Under archive you can see what has happened here since our start. For tickets you can book at book.weld.se

Av Weld, 2018-08-16


Weld is an independent platform for experimental processes and knowledge production.
We gather impulses and ideas; we combine and break them down; we re-think them - while aspiring to define ourselves as something not quite tangible. Making use of critical ideas and free ways of thinking, we aim to share our physical and virtual space with people active within the disciplines of dance/visual ... continue >

Av Weld, 2006-09-05