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Feb 26. Barco Dance Collection / Dinis Machado (SE/PT)

Dinis Machado performs parts of Barco Dance Collection. Choreography: Robbie Synge (UK), Javiera Péon-Veiga (CL), Elisabete Finger (BR), Rebecka Stillman (SE).

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Av Weld, 2017-02-23

Feb 19. Tova Gerge+Uri Turkenich/ Leo Correia de Verdier/ Talking&Props

Tova Gerge and Uri Turkinich returns to weld with the choreographed dialogue Where Were We. The afternoon opens with a sewing machine concert by Leo Correia de Verdier. Also a return of the concept "Talking & Props - a method".

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Av Weld, 2017-02-16

Spring 2017

To the left below, you find our spring program, more to be announced!

Av Weld, 2017-01-20

Weld Company + book

"No Talking No Props", the second publication of the work of Weld Company is now available. Buy it at our performances or order it via mail. Read more about Weld Company at company.weld.se

Av Weld, 2014-10-21