About Weld

About Weld

Weld is an independent platform for experimental processes and knowledge production. We gather impulses and ideas; we combine and break them down; we re-think them – while aspiring to define ourselves as something not quite tangible. Making use of critical ideas and free ways of thinking, we aim to share our physical and virtual space with people active within the disciplines of dance/visual arts/theatre/literature/ architecture/music/film and science to discover alternatives, new paths. Our primary focus is on dance and we strive towards the creation of contexts and situations that both deepen and expand the art form.

Weld is intended to serve the needs of contemporary artists who are experimenting with scenic and spatial forms of expression; for artists who utilize the body as a point of departure for their creative discourse; for those who seek new forms of space for action – a place and an organization promoting development and renewal, run by artists, taking risks.

Weld can contribute creative input between working processes and production, and open up creative contexts for the promotion of artists and their work. Our interests are also served by making this experimental platform available, and in doing so making possible the emergence of “satellite” experiments that may be independent of the platform.

In 2013 Weld Company was initiated and is now furthered through the project Weld Extended read more here

Choreographer and dancer Anna Koch is the founder and the Artistic Director of Weld. (2006)

Weld developed  after the Choreographer, Professor, Efva Lilja and her organisation E.L.D which used to be located at Norrtullsgatan 7.

Weld is supported by Swedish Arts Council, City of Stockholm and Stockholm County Council.

Weld is part of dansistan.se and is part of the projektet Artistic Doctorates In Europe. ADIE

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Weld, Norrtullsgatan 7 (tube Odenplan) 11329 Stockholm, info[at]weld.se