Until it calms down…

For some time now we have canceled our public events. Individual artists are still working in the studio as well as Weld’s administration. We hope to see you again in not too long. Until then, take care!

Weld, mars 26, 2020

How to think now?

Weld is cancelling public events until we can start gathering again. Artists are meanwhile working in the studio. Hopefully we meet soon again. Until then take much care!

Weld, mars 13, 2020

For the health of us all!

Due to covid-19, Weld has chosen to have a limited audience seating for upcoming performances. If you cough or have any symptoms of not feeling well, please stay home and please visit us again another time.

Weld, mars 12, 2020

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Weld, oktober 17, 2018

Welcome to Weldweb!

Here you can read about what we are working on. The upcoming events you find in the left-hand corner tab, here on the front page. Under archive you can see what has happened here since our start. For tickets you can book at book.weld.se

Weld, augusti 16, 2018