The light vessel

She first grew up in a cave, became friends with the stones, moved into a shelter and then later into a construction of wood.

Now she likes to build peculiar shaped architecture that would filter the sun, reflect the sea and pick up the sounds of nature.

When she, the oldest mother heals the youngest daughter she still use two wooden sticks. She puts them in a clocklike shape and moves them, as she wants to surpass time.

When the young daughter heals her grandmother she caresses her cheek, circle the stick above her head.

When intruders come, all gather and falls into a collective tune, a roaming pitching sound that makes the intruders go away.

When nature is threatening they sit behind their walls, shake them until they elevate and land again when the threat is over.

To get fertile, or to fertilize they put their cloth on their sticks and tap them on the ground.

When they find technical devices spread out in the woods they transform the material into raw materials again.

For external knowledge they first clear the space and move their sticks in an X.

For social encounters they open the air.

For longevity they play with two sticks taller than themselves.


Anna Koch 2015