Oct 12+13 Dansehallerne. Frédéric Gies + Weld Company: Tribute.

October 12 oktober at 20.00
October 13 oktober at 20.00


Pakhus 11
Dampærgevej 2
Copehagen / Denmark

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In the fall of 2018 Weld Company invited dancer/choreographer Frédéric Gies to create a choreography. The result is Tribute – a full evening choreography for 9 dancers of the company to a techno set by Fiedel. In October, Tribute comes to Copenhagen and Dansehallerne.

In Tribute, Frédéric Gies has opened up his library of dances to the dancers of Weld Company, to make dances that summon up the poetic, delicate and raw textures of past dances, utterly present as the promise of dances to come.

As I started to imagine what could be the dance piece I would make for a dance company that is “aiming to rediscover and revaluate the old institution of Dance Company”, personal memories of dances I witnessed came flooding back. Each of them is closely tied to a dancer whom I saw in the darkness of the dance floor or from my seat at the theatre. These memories, more than mere images, reappear as an imprint in my body. They are also constitutive of my dances. They are my library. / Frédéric Gies

Choreography : Frédéric Gies
Light design: Thomas Zamolo
DJ: Fiedel
Dance: Anna Westberg, Robin Dingemans, Marie Fahlin, Sybrig Dokter, Per Sacklén, Elias Girod, Disa Krosness, Andreas Haglund and Andrea Svensson

Weld Company is produced by Weld.
Weld is supported by Stockholms stad, the Swedish Arts Council and Region Stockholm.