Postponed. Oct 15. Weld side story. Open showing: Weld Company + Marcus Doverud

The open showing of Weld Company + Marcus Doverud is postponed. No new date decided.

Weld Company’s season has started and the continued work with the theme Weld side story, where guest choreographers have been invited to each interpret one and the same piece of music and where the title is used as a toolbox for different ideas.

The first process is carried out by musician, dancer, choreographer Marcus Doverud who combines song and choreographic embodiment of music, with interpretations and analyzes. With Weld Company, he continues his musical exploration, this time through our chosen musical theme.

Weld side story
Weld side story interacts with the famous musical and film from the late 1950s and early 1960s. Here in a kind of inverted and inviting form where the company both inventories its composition, position and dance historical heritage and where most of the invited choreographers and artists are as foreign to Weld as the company is to the movements of these guest choreographers. The title is made here as a toolbox for artistic ideas and research.

At the center of the work is the musical’s legendary introductory music, the Prologue, which in the work is interpreted through different methods and genres. This music is in the choreographic work freed from its narrative. With their method, each guest choreographer will approach it as the symphonic and enigmatic music it is, with a focus on rhythm and melody. But, anyone who knows their “story” (West Side) knows that it is not possible to overlook its historical and equally current action which revolves around violence and racial issues, embedded in the story of love.