Feb 15+16+17. Ömma Arkiv / Anna Bontha

February 15 at 7pm
February 16 at 3pm
February 17 at 6pm

Norrtulsgatan 7

Book: book.weld.se

tradere (latin tradiʹtio ´to hand over´ ´to give for safekeeping´)

Ömma arkiv is a poetic examination of the experience of what tradition can be. In Swedish folkdance the dance by tradition follows a circle counterclockwise. Here that tradition is borrowed; the dancers follow the circle round and around. Repeating but with every repetition the dance becomes slightly altered. The performance in this way creates its own traditions and ways of doing. The circular movement is a reminder of, as well as an embodiment of time passing.

Just like a lot of our history and knowledge is passed on from generation to generation through stories, games, habits and customs, the performers try different ways of ´handing over´, ways of transmitting, translating and interpreting. The performance takes place far away from the rational categorizations of the dance archives. The methods are inexact and subjective, depends on unstable sensorial impressions, theis archives are their own aging and forgetful bodies.

Ömma arkiv is a co-production with Weld, with residency support from C.off and supported by Stockholm city.


Choreography: Anna Bontha
In collaboration with: Anton Schneider, Hanna Bylund and Linnea Aall Campbell
Dancers: Anton Schneider, Hanna Bylund and Anna Bontha
Music arranged and performed by: Linnea Aall Campbell
Ljus: Christian Antila
Outside eye: Linda Adami


works with dance, choreography and performance, often in cross-disciplinary works, on her own and in groups. Her main focus is on creating her own work, alone or together with others. Anna studied dance pedagogy at DOCH, Stockholm, and writing at Nordens Folkhögskola, Biskops Arnö. Her artistic work strives to continuously renegotiate how form can be transformed in the performative act. Art then, is an event, an access to the unformed, and a process. The artistic production sometimes situates itself in the intersection between art and pedagogy; or rather, art is considered a form of knowledge.

is a dance teacher and dancer, with a wealth of experience in creating folk dance performances for the stage. As a dancer he seeks for qualities that are unique to folk dance in its relation to gravity, flow and movement rooted in musicality. His formal education in Swedish folk dance was completed at The School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, Sweden as well as the folk dance education at Väddö Folkhögskola.

is a many-sided folkmusic violinist. She is a member in the indie/folk trio Beata Bermuda, the filmic folk trio Lajka, the folk baroque Lynx Ensemble and the Swedish/Danish folkfusion big band Spöket i Köket. Linnea is among others educated at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and Malungs folkhögskola.

is a dancer, acter and musician, educated at among others Stockholm academy of dramatic arts, Eric Sahlström institutet and Gotlands dansutbildningar. Have the last years been seen at Västanå teater, Boulevardteatern and in the cirkuscompany TeatreóBaó