Aug 18+25 + Sep 1. SOLKATTER / Asplind & Luger

August 18 at 15.00
August 25 at 15.00
September 1 at 15.00

Humlegården, Stockholm


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Solkatter (“Suncats”; reflections of the sun) is a critical, artistic intervention taking the form of a picnic blanket. The blanket is placed like a reflection above a room that lies 50 meters underground in the archives of Kungliga Biblioteket in Stockholm: The so-called Nelly Sachs-rummet (The Nelly Sachs Room).

This room is an attempt to recreate the apartment of poet Nelly Sachs, and contains many of her personal belongings. Unfortunately, the room was closed for the public in April 2017.

Anna Asplind & Marie-Therese Luger have in collaboration with each other and other artists collected information and stories about this room and now invite you on to the picnic blanket in order to experience and use this hidden room through a program of talks, performances, music and activities.

The picnic as a format for this intervention is inspired by the picnic´s potential for intervention and protest: a nod towards the ”Paneuropean picnic” on Austrian-Hungarian border in 1989, that is said to have contributed to the fall of the iron curtain. Although the format of the picnic originates in the leisures and sparetime of the upper classes, it is a concept that allows collective ownership and the creation of situations where not only food and drink become collective responsibility, but also conversation and entertainment


Picnic Program


Picnic #1, 18th of August, 15:00-17:00
One more room
with Daniel Almgren Recén, Joanna Nordin, Anna Asplind and Marie-Therese Luger

Choreographer Anna Asplind and curator Marie-Therese Luger will inaugurate the picnic blanket by reflecting on their work and research about Nelly Sachs-rummet and the people and stories they have encountered on their way. In addition to this picnic´s imminent choreography of eating, drinking and playing, we will reflect on Nelly Sachs and her rooms own histories from a contemporary perspective: How are places, both personally and politically, used to produce and spread history? And what would our picnic blanket be worth on AirBnB or Blocket?

Starting from her work with the exhibition Att hopfoga den sönderfallande världen at Sörmlands museum, artist and curator Joanna Nordin interprets the inaguration-speech of the very first version of Nelly Sachs-rummet which was held by Olof Palme in 1972.

Daniel Almgren Recén has visited those places Nelly Sachs inhabited in Berlin, before her escape to Sweden. Starting from his work Native Realm, in which the artist himself has archived his apartment and travelled with it 2000 km through the Northern Europe and Near That Place, in which he looks at what makes a home a home, Almgren Recén looks at Nelly Sachs different habitats and how they ended up where they are now.


Picnic #2, 25th of August, 15:00-17:00
Rooms! Rooms! Rooms!
with Roberta Burchardt, Lejkvartetten – Karolina Weber-Ekdahl (violin), Åsa Harald (violin), Jonna Inge (viola), Erik Uusijärvi (cello)

From the picnic blanket we look at preservation and cultural heritage in a bigger framework. What happens with the things we wish to preserve, and who to we preserve them for? In recent years, contemporary artistic practices have taken more and more space in interpreting and communicating history, archives and collections. Could such practices enable a more just and inclusive way to approach and engage with spaces like Nelly Sachs-rummet?

Artist Roberta Burchardt has inherited a house in Brasil. The house has played a role in the colonial past of the country and is as such not only home for life´s lighter aspects. Roberta will talk about the challenges, responsibilities and the potential that come along with inheriting a colonial heritage, how ownership can be interpreted and forms of sharing and communicating can be developed.

Lejkvartetten will enchant the picnic-guests with sounds and music of forgotten and unplayed female composers.


Picnic # 3, 1st of September, 15.00 – 17.00
The sum of its parts and beyond
with Malin Ståhl, Ingrid Cogne, Stockholm Museum of Women’s History

Nelly Sachs collected stones and shells. Malin Ståhl talks about collecting as artistic material and will connect this to Nellys collection and the importance of touching a stone. What attracts us to collecting, what makes it an important act and how does collecting and hoarding influence our surroundings?

The current in-accessibility of Nelly Sachs-rummet creates exclusivity and fertile ground for mythologizing a person, a body of work or a biography. How can we create other perspectives on this room if no one has access to it?

Artist Ingrid Cogne propose Solkatter to use the Object of communication to expand knowledge-production, archiving and communication in dialog with Stockholm Museum of Women’s History. Object of Communication was developed in the context of the artistic research project Six formats (Februari 2015 – June 2018), supported by Austrian Science Fund (FWF, PEEK, AR291-G21).

With support by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
Special thanks to Margaretha Holmqvist, Stockholm Museum of Women’s History,  Jewish community in Stockholm and grandmother Maj-Britt Nilsson

Weld is supported by the Swedish Arts Council, City of Stockholm and Region Stockholm