Sep 26. In the Park. Weld c/o Tantolunden

Saturday September 26 at 1 p.m.
Gather at the pavilion in Tantolunden.

Participants: Sjunger & Tiger, Siriol Joyner, Ulrika Berg, Louise Dahl and Hana Lee Erdman with Anna Lindal and Marcus Doverud.

Weld invites you to In the Park, an afternoon of dance, performance and music outdoors. Please join us whatever the weather, but dress with care – we will not be cancelling due to rain!

Sjunger & Tiger is a performance collective who, since 2001, have been creating peculiar performance works for different settings and in public space. Dressed in bright red cloaks they infiltrate spaces with a humming flow of movement, sound and tonality. Sjunger & Tiger’s members are: Anne Külper, Signe Landin, Kerstin Ljunglöf and Monica Lundgren.

Siriol Joyner is an artist working within the field of dance and choreography. She is obsessed with language and its relationship to dance and dancing, and the material and political implications of this connection. Currently based in Stockholm, Siriol is from Aberystwyth, Wales. Siriol contributes to in In the Park with an art happening she was asked to create just for this event.

Ulrika Berg, Louise Dahl and Hana Lee Erdman are dancers and choreographers who together created Who´s Afraid, shown at Weld in March this year. Who´s Afraid is a series of dances that contain and bring out the effects of colour as emotional, spiritual and physical material. An extract from this performance will be shown at In the Park. Music: Anna Lindal and Marcus Doverud.