April 3+5. Cancelled Performance. Dissolution / Joel Nordström, Eric Sjögren, Anton Andersson

Currently Joel Nordström, Eric Sjögren and Anton Andersson are in Weld’s studio working on the preparation of thier work Dissolution. The plan was to show the work on April 3 and 5 but we have now decided in consultation with the artists to cancel the show because of the corona development.


Dissolution is a theatrical composition for foam, balloon, smoke and confetti.

The capitalistic absolutism has for the last 30 years forced its way into the human condition and created an existence where natural boundaries such as time and space, sleep and rest has been repealed. Commercialization, digitalization and temporal acceleration have disassembled values as borders, otherness and conflict and constituted a humanity that no longer can maintain an ethical approach to itself and the world.

With starting point in object-oriented ontology and speculative realism Dissolution tries to find alternative ways of existing in the world today. By excluding humans, text and representation and putting objects and materials in the main role the performance seeks to highlight the worlds concrete structure and find environments beyond our humanistic worldview.

Dissolution is an attempt to disband the contemporary narcissistic subject and ascend into a world that is living again.