April 14-17. Mirko Guido (IT/SE): Entities

Entities is Mirko Guido's latest project premiering at Weld on April 14th. Developed in co-operation with Lisa Schåman, Elise Brewer, Darío Bardam, Josefin Lindebrink, Jens Sethzman and Patricia Vázquez Iruretagoyena, the project focuses on kinesthetic experience and reenactment of embodied archives, and is presented through two different works that address the audience in very distinct ways.

Entities - theater of gestures -

April 14, 15, 16 at 19:00

Ticket fee: 100 kr (Student 80 kr)
Book: book.weld.se

Entities - immersion -

April 15 and 16, 21:30 to 00:30
April 17, 16:00 to 20:00

No admission fee

(the immersion lasts 17,5 min, and the admission is for max 10 people at the time. For specific information on the time slots and to book your spot visit: book.weld.se )



Entities – theater of gestures –
is an abstract narration of three characters in a theatrical set-up; Lisa, Elise and Darío mold their dance negotiating between the kinesthetic impressions of an aestheticized movement language and the reenactment of their embodied history. The work, which at its core questions the relation between audience and somatic practice, places gesture and embodied memory at the intersection between kinesthetic experience and aesthetic form, and it stages a continuous transcendence between these realities.

Concept and Choreography: Mirko Guido
Developed with and performed by: Lisa Schåman, Elise Brewer, Darío Bardam
Artistic advisor and collaborator: Patricia Vázquez Iruretagoyena
Sound and acoustic design: Maria W Horn
Light design: Jens Sethzman
Pictures and films: Manne Schütt


Entities – immersion –
is a space that produces a fluctuating re-organization of sensory inputs. This immersive environment is created through a modulation of light and sound, and it aims at generating movement that takes form beyond the visual range, engendering a kinesthetic and haptic experience.
Here the visitor, and her/his perception of spatial boundaries and self boundaries, are the core medium of the work. The shaping of the journey through senses and perceptions is directly related to the movement choices in space of each visitor.


Entities – immersion –


A sketch dealing with

Modulation, duration, rate and further exploring the texture of colour in relation to flashes of white light.

Concept and Choreography: Mirko Guido
Light design: Jens Sethzman
Set design: Mirko Guido, Jens Sethzman

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The Entities project is Co-produced by Weld in Stockholm.
Production: Mirko Guido in collaboration with Patricia Vázquez Iruretagoyena
Administration: Mirko Guido within the administrative structures of Interim Kultur and SmartSe

Special Thanks to Adam Schütt

Work Space Bruxelles (made possible by Cullbergballet within the frame of WILD CARDS – exchange program of Life Long Burning)
Uferstudios (made possible through the Residence Stipendium of the international dance program of Konstnärsnämden granted to Mirko Guido)
SITE (as part of Mirko Guido’s artistic residency)

The Entities project is supported by: Kulturbryggan (Startstöd 10) and Kulturrådet