Art film evening 22 September 06

Art film evening, 22 September

The autumn opens with an art film evening at Weld, 22 September 19.00. Films by Björn Renner/Christoffer Paues, Lotta Melin, Corinna Schnitt(GE), Tilda Lovell, Anna Ådahl, Petra Lindholm/Lars Åkerlund, Waxfactory(Nyc), Tova Mozard, Daniel Andersson Dj+fest. Free entrance.

Tilda Lovell
"Vem är Gunnar?" 2004

Tilda Lovell finished her art studies in 2003. She had her first solo show at Gallery Lars Bohman in the spring of 2005. The animation ”Vem är Gunnar?” has toured the world.

Lotta Melin
Extract from the video 'Kyoto by night', 2006 – premiere

Lotta Melin, choreographer/performance artist. Topical with the performance 'Carrying our ears and eyes in small bags'.

In collaboration with:
Firework Edition Video

Tova Mozard
"Wall of love"

Educated at the school of art in Malmö and California Institute of Arts, Los Angeles. Since 2002 she has exhibited solo as well as in groups in both Stockholm and Malmö. She has also participated in a number of video and film festivals.

Björn Renner/Christoffer Paues
"Mitt Innersta Tempel" Renner 2006
"Kung Guld" Renner/Paues 1998-99

Björn Renner is a film creator and designer. At Weld he shows a fresh trailer to the film Mitt Innersta Tempel.

Christoffer Paues has recently completed his studies at Konsthögskolan in Stockholm.

Corinna Schnitt (Ge)
"Schönen, guten Tag/Hello Ms Schnitt" 1995
"Zwischen vier und Sechs/Between four and six" 1997
"Raus aus seinem Kleidern/Out of your Clothes" 1999

Corinna Schnitt has studied art and film in Offenbach och Düsseldorf, and lives and works in Berlin. She is often represented in solo and group exhibitions as well as the major film festivals. Weld shows three of her latest pieces.

Anna Ådahl

"The Dance", 1998
"Didem (Sema)" 2004

Anna Ådahl, educated at Ecole National Supèrieure des Beaux arts de Paris. She has recently participated in Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennialen in Japan.

Waxfactory (Nyc)
"Cleansed" 2003

Cleansed is a short film made by the director Ivan Talijancic/WaxFactory based on Sarah Kanes. WaxFactory is an international multidisciplinary art and performance group founded in 1998 in New York by Dion Doulis, Erika Latta och Ivan Talijancic.

Petra Lindholm/Lars Åkerlund
"Iris" 2006

Daniel Andersson