Art opening, 22 March 06

We invited a number of artists to decorate our space, and held an opening night on the 22 March.

They who left their imprints were: Torbjörn Johansson, Tilda Lovell, Christoffer Paues and Liv Strand. Anna Linder Dj:ed.

Torbjörn Johansson

His latest solo show was called ¨colores apparantes¨. Read more about him on

Tilda Lovell

Works mostly with sculpture and animation. Tilda had her solo show at Gallery Lars Bohman in spring of 2005.

Christoffer Paues

Latest show was at Gallery Mejan with the title: "Jag rider på höga hästar. Jag skrattar mig blind”.

Liv Strand

Took part in “The Idea of North”, a sound-art exhibition with Nordic and Canadian artists in Halifax, Canada, Jan -06.

Anna Linder

Moves feely between different modes of expression.