Aug 29+30+31. The Abyss / Erik Annerborn

August 29-31 the artist and costume designer Erik Annerborn present his exhibition The Abyss at Weld. Erik Annerborn has designed the costumes for Weld Company since 2013

Opening hours

Wedensday 12pm–9pm
Thursday 12pm–9pm (artistic respons by Yishay Garbasz at 7pm)
Friday 12pm–5pm


There is a hole in this world.
Behind your eyes, behind closed doors.
The whale of time
with one eye and a million mouths
"I am the Abyss.
I am your truth.
I am the wishing well.
Your promise of reality."
All who hear it realize
to draw strength from within.
To know, to dare, to will and to keep secret.
The world has come to a stop.
Underneath it all, love breaks free.
When Civilization ends,
the body will remain.

The Abyss opens up perspectives on strength and struggle. The space at Weld will showcase sculptures, images and video works that aim to create turbulence and discord in the viewer. Sandwiched between Stockholm Fashion Week and the general elections, the Abyss presents a turning point (not unlike the dramatic concept of the abyss) and a visual representation of otherworldly strength rising against the muted despair of today’s political climate.

Supported by: Weld and The Royal Institute of Art


is a costume designer and artist based in Stockholm. He is currently enrolled at the Royal Institute of Art where he applies his fashion background on digital sculpting and animation. His earlier works include costume for Something Must Break (directed by Ester-Martin Bergsmark) and Weld Company. He has also been part of the Banff residency “BRiC: 2067” in 2017. The Abyss is his first solo exhibition in 5 years. This fall sees Erik continue working at RIA's 3D-lab, as well as working with Ester-Martin on their new sci-fi project “Infinite Possibilities”.