Dec 19–21. Frictional Realities / Noah Hellwig (SE)

Dec 19+20+21

Norrtullsgatan 7

Limited number of spots. Maximum 2 visitors per slot. The work is 35 minutes. See time slots below!

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Frictional Realities is a mixed-reality performance where two participants at a time will be guided alone but together, to explore an asymmetrical virtual-physical environment.

The project explores the concept of frictions in immersive environments, and its uses as part of an embodied mixed-reality performances. Frictions can be seen as sensorial, temporal gaps that creates a mental dissonance in your subjective reality and identity. A feeling of falling out of your immersion of the “real” reality to fall into the experience of your own body.

The original concept of ”frictions” was developed by Human-Computer Interaction researcher, Asreen Rostami, whose work has been a part of the project’s development.

Time slots:
#1. 13.30
#2. 14.15
#3. 15.15
#4. 16.00
#5. 17.45
#6. 18.30
#7. 19.30
#8. 20.15

Idea & Concept: Noah Hellwig & Asreen Rostami
Choreography, Text & Interactions: Noah Hellwig in close cooperation with Disa Krosness
Performance: Disa Krosness, Noah Hellwig & Emelie Wahlman
Music: Miranda Abrahamsson
VR-design: Leo Låby & Erik Blåsjö (Pusselbit Games)
Artistic Consultation: Gabriel Widing
Lights: Ronald Salas

With support by The Swedish Arts Council, Region Stockholm, Stockholm Stad, Riksteatern and Weld

Weld is supported by Stockholms stad, the Swedish Arts Council and Region Stockholm