Feb 15+16. Workshop. Group 5 | Feminist Perspective

February 15 at 11pm – 4pm
February 16 at 11pm – 4pm

Admission free workshop!


Norrtullsgatan 7


In 2018 Group 5 | Feminist Perspective began, which is a workshop format that is about collective and integrating collaborative processes regarding women artistry. The project has grown and expanded into more workshops and more participants held both at Weld and at Teatermaskinen in Riddarhyttan.

The fundamental idea behind the workshop is that participation works as strategy for research in itself, and that reflection happens by action. Each participant gets a slot to use as hen wants. Within this timeframe one gets to guide the others within thought through research-exercises that has to do with one’s own artistry. One shall also include and reflect upon collective and feminist questions such as:



• In what way can you relate your own artistic work with another feminist art?
• Can you identify potential collective strategies in your own way of working?
• How can your artistic work effect female and collective situations?
• What can a collective work method be of feminist action?


The intention of this workshop is to work towards method- and reflection developments of practical manner. The atmosphere at these workshops are always very solidary and attentive, respectful and artistically giving. One gets to know new collaborative partners through artistic work, and to expand ones and others artistry through collaboration.

Are you an artist that is interested in taking part in such processes either if it to share your own work of working or to do others work, email us! You can take part in one complete day or two complete days! The structure will be same each day but the content will change depending who participate.


Mail to: group5.feministperspective@gmail.com



Artistic directors

Ellinor Ljungkvist, choreographer and dancers with a Diploma from Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, a Bachelor in art from Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin and a Master in Choreography from The Dance University Stockholm DOCH.

Amanda Billberg, choreographer and dancer with a Diploma in Contemporary Dance from Iwanson International Munchen and a Master in Performative Practices from The Dance University Stockholm DOCH.