Feb 28. Night performance: Falling (work title) by Sybrig Dokter

The night between Saturday february 27 and Sunday  february 28 from 00.00 – 08.00

I’m falling asleep. I’m falling into sleep and I’m falling there by the power of sleep. Just as I fall asleep from exhaustion. Just as I drop from boredom. As I fall on hard times. As I fall, in general. Sleep sums up all these falls, it gathers them together.
Jean-Luc Nancy (The fall of sleep)

The night between saturday 27 and sunday 28, Weld is open for a showing of the work that Sybrig Dokter has had residency with at Weld. Nadja Voorham, Robin Dingemans and Sybrig Dokter will sleep, meet while dreaming and move in wakefullness throughout the night.

We will sleep for you. We will dream. Dreaming as a place place where one is alone and at the same time joining millions of other people sleeping or dreaming in widely different situations.

We will try to stay lucid in that world which is created by our minds without any sensory input from the world around us. When touching someone or something in a dream there is no way to verify if that person or thing is really there.
It is an unstable world where things change with every glance and where one can look 10 times at a written page and see something different all 10 times.

Sleeping for you are: Robin Dingemans, Nadja Voorham, Sybrig Dokter.

The project was initiated by Sybrig Dokter
Light design by Ronald Salas