Insisting on: Feb 11,12,14

Insisting on:  Asplind, AlmgrenRecén, Koch with live music by Mats Lindström.

Insisting on consists of bodies that in delight mingled with fright, jumps themselves through repetitive rhythms and familiar formations. The work builds itself through the music that occurs between bodies in Merce Cunningham's "Beach Birds for Camera". By studying and practicing selected parts, another formal body appears, unauthorized, asking questions of which movement is appropriated by whom? The historic and disciplined body is being forced, further. Can we by insisting shape ”dedance” its given meanings?

Parallel with the choreography, the composer Mats Lindström has composed the work "Low Fidelity" (2016) which he performs live on stage. The piece contains some fragments of sounds from the sea. The piece also explores the phenomenon in which electronic circuits are forced to work outside their normal range. The movement of electrons inside the circuits. The piece is not an attempt to recreate something you might encounter in nature. It is the opposite.

The first time the choreographers Anna Asplind, Daniel AlmgrenRecén and Anna Koch worked together were among dead birds on the beach in Asplind / AlmgrenRecéns project "The Ecological Theatre” at the Biological Museum in Stockholm. This time, they meet through "Beach Birds for Camera" in which the dancers find themselves between the birds, the human body and the rock formations.

The movement material in Insisting on do not in the end have very much in common with the initial choreography. By addressing it together the material was negotiated. The remains of the initial choreography are only a few fragments and a circle dance.

Daniel AlmgrenRecén

Anna Asplind

Anna Koch

Mats Lindström


Insisting on pre-premiered at the festival Swedish Energies in New York in December 2015

Produced by Weld (Stockholm), in co-production with Skogen (Gothenburg).

Initiated by Anna Koch

Developed and performed by A. Asplind, D. AlmgrenRecén, A. Koch with live music by M. Lindström

Light design by Ronald Salas

With support by the City of Stockholm, the Swedish Arts Council, the Stockholm County Council and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.