Jan 13, 15 + 16: Paradigm – A performance by Dinis Machado (SE/PT)

Folklore is the body of tales, music, dance, and so forth, common to a particular population.[New World Encyclopedia]

A ritual is a sequence of activities involving gestures, words, and objects, performed in a sequestered place, and performed according to set sequence.
[Merriam-Webster Dictionary]

In Paradigm, Dinis Machado work on a DIY folklore for bodies with blurry identities, created through fictional artifacts, narratives, dances, rituals and songs. The body, as a mechanical piece of a bigger organic body – the stage itself. This body engages in a ceremony with consequences that are never direct or evident, but it is also a figure of labor coming from a time before the division between the architect and the bricklayer. A working body producing abstract symbols with concrete materials and a complex homemade engineering.

A body that through this practice enters a process of abstraction, attempting to escape its own anthropomorphism.

To be a human, as to be the theatrical building, disengaged of the pursuit of a (cultural) essence.

Paradigm is a dance of an exoticism from nowhere. A ritual claim for difference and citizenship. A landscape created from a cadavre exquis of paradoxical references coming from the places where we were born, the places where we live, places we have never been, and most of all, from fictional places. All of them glued together with daily practice
/ Dinis Machado

A performance by Dinis Machado (SE/PT)
With original music by
Hanna Kangassalo (SE/FI), Robert Tenevall (SE)
and Erik Sjölin (SE)
With additional voices by
Lillemor Tenevall, Kai Kangassalo, Gonçalo Ferreira, Britta
Amft, Dinis Machado
Mastered by
Henrik Wiklund
Set/Light/Costume Construction
Dinis Machado
Outside eyes
Pedro Machado (BR/UK), Gonçalo Ferreira (PT)
and Jorge Gonçalves (DE/PT


Gyttjiga Hjärnor and the music to Paradigm

The musicians Hanna Kangassalo, Robert Tenevall and Erik Sjölin were in the spring of 2015 invited by Dinis Machado to create the music to Paradigm. During the process they formed the band Gyttjiga Hjärnor. The music for Paradigm composes a futuristic folklore where influences from electronica, global psychedelia and skewed pop are mixed with field recordnings and voice collages. Together with dances, rituals, artifacts and narratives a fictional mythology is created.

To the premiere of Paradigm Gyttjiga Hjärnor will release a cassette with the music of the performance. Hanna Kangassalo, Robert Tenevall and Erik Sjölin also play, or have previously played, in bands like Horseface, heart (attacking), Knugen Faller, Sweet Mountain Home, Ancient Mysteries and Royal Downfall.

Produced by:
Corp. (PT) and Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte (PT),
with the associate Producer Clair Hicks (UK)
and administration by Interim Kultur (SE)

With the co-production of:
Weld (Stockholm/SE), Teatro Municipal do Porto (Porto/PT) and Dance4 (Nottingham / UK)

Created In residency at:
Weld (Stockholm/SE), MARC (Kivik/SE), Campo Alegre Teatro Municipal (Porto/PT), Alkantara (Lisboa/PT), ​Gothenburg Dans & Teater Festival + Vitlycke Centre for Performing Art (Gothenburg/SE), Devir/Capa (Faro/PT), Dance4 + Lace Market Gallery (Nottingham/UK)

With the support of:
Konstnärsnämnden (SE), Kulturrådet (SE), Arts Council England (UK) and DGArtes/Secretaria de Estado da Cultura (PT)

Dinis Machado is an associated artist of Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte (PT) and Weld (SE)


Is Born in Porto and based in Stockholm since 2012. With an education on Dance and Visual Arts, his works develop usually from the crossing point of this two areas: were the concrete gesture of plastic construction is reclaimed and worked as choreographic material. He works as a performer for theatre and dance since 1994 and as choreographer of his own works since 2007.

Dinis Machado finished in May 2014 the MA in Coreography at DOCH (Stockholm) directed by Jefta Van Dinther and Frédéric Gies. Finished the Independent Studies Program in Visual Arts at Maumaus – Visual Arts School (Lisbon) directed by Jurgen Boch. Has a BA in Theatre by the Superior School of Theatre and Cinema (Lisbon). Has the 7t degree in Classical Ballet and Contemporary dance by Balleteatro (Porto), and the performers course of Academia Contemporanea do Espectaculo.

In 2013 Dinis Machado received the life Long Burning (Jardin D'Europe) Swedish co-production by Cullberg Ballet for his project Black Cats Can See In The Dark But Are Not Seen. The work was one of the nominated for the Pris Jardin D'Europe at ImPulsTanz 2014.

From his education he underlines the contact with Olga Mesa, Francisco Camacho, Vera Mantero, Teatro Praga, Jennifer Lacey, Robert Stein, Janez Jansa, Paz Rojo, Litó Walkey, Norberto Llopis Segarra, Sandra Noeh, Jefta Van Dinther, Frédéric Gies, Alice Chauchat, Eric Duyckaerts, Massimo Furlan and Juan Dominguez.

Dinis Machado was part of research residencies like Mugatxoan directed by Blanca Calvo and Ion Monduate, Encontros Rumo mediated by Vera Mantero and Miguel Pereira, and AWaRE at Festival Alkantara 2014 mediated by Sofia Dias and Vitor Roriz.

As performer Machado has collaborated, among others, with Miguel Pereira, Trisha Brown Dance Company, Rogerio Nuno Costa, Miguel Loureiro, Andre e. Teodosio, Catia Leitao, Isabel Barros, at structures like O Rumo do Fumo, Cao Solteiro, Fundacao de Serralves, Teatro Nacional S. Joao, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II and Balleteatro Companhia.

He works as Choreographer since 2006. Since then directed the shows Out in Space – Experiences on Autonomy, Black Cats Can See in The Dark But Are Not Seen, Dinis Machado por Dinis Machado, Dramaturgy, Still Nature, Parole, Parole, Parole and Only You in colaboration and presented in Austria, Croatia, Uruguay, France, Sweden, Germany, England and Portugal in contexts as ImpulsTanz, MDT, Dance 4, Chealsea Theatre, Festival de Danza Contemporanea de Uruguai, Festival Escritas Na Paisagem, Festival Temps D'images, Festival Da Fabrica, Quarta Parede, ZDB/Negocio, NEC, Edificio (O Rumo do Fumo/Forum Danca), Plataforma HR, among others.

Dinis Machado signed the set and light design of all his own performances as of the play Melodrama by Rui Catalao, and of the choreography OP 49 by Miguel Pereira.

He runs frequently workshops around his artistic practice and taught a one year course in performance practices at NEC (Porto). Dinis Machado is an associated artist from ZDB in Lisbon