18-24 jan. Residens: Dinis Machado (SE/PT)

Dinis Machado arbetar i studion för att göra klart sitt nya solo som vi kommer att visa lite senare i år.

Yellow Puzzle Horse is a dance for a self made dress in a constructed forest. The dress, as important as the sewing and the dancing as forbiden labors.

What does it mean to be queer when you are alone away from another’s gaze? What is queerness as a relation with oneself? During the last months while the world withdraw in isolation I started spending long periods in the forest whilst thinking, fantasising and experimenting this dance. Spending time in the forest made me notice and relate with matter in transformation. The way the same matter assumes shapes as a tree, a bug, a mushroom, a bear or a berry. Also the way the berry becomes the bear when it is eaten, how the tree becomes a mushroom when ocupied by the fungus, how the mushroom becomes part of my body when I eat it.