Jan 25. Workshop with Ellinor Ljungkvist

Dance Class & Choreographic Methodology

Jan 25 at 11.00-15.30

Norrtullsgatan 7

No admission

R.S.V.P to ellinor.ljungkvist(at)gmail.com

This workshop is open for everyone active within the field of contemporary dance and choreography – as the workshop is based on combining dance training and choreographically work as a merged practice. The workshop will begin with a typical dance class based on choreographed movement exercises that develops into longer sequences of set danceable material. As choreographic method – a series of meditations of mental journeys will be visited, to reach one’s emotional, bodily and vulnerable state, which experience will be reflected upon through various writing practices and reformulated into performance instructions. 



Ellinor Ljungkvist is educated at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin and Master in Choreography at DOCH. Ellinor’s work is recognizable for its combination of contemporary dance and conceptual performance art. She work from an emotional and personal place, which real experiences lay ground for the content in each piece. Her pieces are dramatical and theatrical but still reality-based and concept-driven. They revolve around themes that are general but current and therefore relevant for many.  

Angry Stories

Ellinor’s latest piece Angry Stories was about anger and dystopia. The dancers expressed their  experiences regarding the themes. They began by telling personal stories about memories and thoughts that have shaded their minds. Their stories were written down as poetic storytellings and reformulated into performance concept. The stories became the core of the choreographed piece.