Kvadrennalen Jan 11- Sept 11

Kvadrennalen is a nine-month program, an initiative taking place around Sweden from January 11 – September 11, 2022, the election day.
KVADRENNALEN, platform for contemporary Art to respond to political threat, is not an organisation, it is not commercial, it is not non-profit, it is not private, it is not public. KVADRENNALEN is a coming together of artists, art workers, art spaces, art institutions, et al. to show the society at large that the art world is united at every level, across all the disciplines, now and in the future, in their shared belief in ART, and show this unity with the only shared language of ART itself.

Read more about Kvadrennalen and activities at kvadrennalen.se

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Free arts and free artistic expression are contextualised concepts. This means that the context is conditional for the concepts to be valid. The meaning ‘free’ derives directly from the fact that a formal, public statement was made that guarantees this freedom.

For art itself, freedom is not a condition. It is only a condition within the context of a society that claims to guarantee it, commonly as an extension of the democratic value of freedom of expression for the people. 

E.g., within the current Swedish context, the arts are publicly stated to be free through a multitude of political decisions: the ratification of the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights, the ratification of the EU constitution, the Swedish constitution and cultural policy goals.

When the free arts and the freedom of artistic expression are under threat, then the freedom of expression of the people is under threat.

KVADRENNALEN is not affiliated with any political or religious institution of system. It is only affiliated with Art.