Lecture by Petra Sabisch, feb 20th at 6pm

What is method? Concepts, performances and experimental realism
-a lecture by Petra Sabisch (DE)

This talk engages with the issue of method from the viewpoint of contemporary experimental art practices. Method, here, is revealed as a singular practice that constructs a specific experiment for an audience. How can we think of these experiments? What are they about? What is their reality effect? How can we approach experimental artistic methods within the realms of production? And in which way can we relate artistic articulations to philosophical concepts?

Petra Sabisch is a choreographer and philosopher. Besides her own choreographic works (last method, unplugged, Berlin 2010 and conversation piece, Berlin 2008), & diverse artistic collaborations in Paris & Berlin.  Sabisch received the Doctor of Philosophy (London) in 2010 with her dissertation Choreographing Relations: Practical Philosophy and Contemporary Choreograhy (in the works of Antonia Baehr, Gilles Deleuze, Juan Dominguez, Felix Guattari, Xavier Le Roy and Eszter Salamon, (Munchen: epodium, 2010).

Since 2005 she is involved in the development of the artist-run Performing Arts Forum PAF (France) & in the application of open source-strategies for the Performing Arts with the open platform Everybodys. Sabisch has published internationally and is teaching, e.g. in the M.A Choreography & the B.A. Dance in the Univ. College of Dance & Circus in Stockholm, the M.A. Choreography & Performance of the Univ. of Giessen and the dance center

HZT Berlin. http://www.verandaproduction.net.