May 24-29. Water @ Weld #2

Water @ Weld #2 is a compilation of works that examines one of the world’s most common and anomalous materials, water. As a performative anthology, the six days at Weld manifests the ongoing research of Swedish choreographer and artist Pontus Pettersson and his project All Departures Are Waves, presenting different aspects and works related, or in dialogue with this longer project, spanning between the years 2019-2023. Read more below!

May 24-26
Interactive installation by Pontus Pettersson & Hara Alonso
at 1pm, 4pm, 7pm

May 27-29
A Dog Called Drama
solo by Pontus Pettersson
at 7pm (May 27+28)
at 4pm(May 29)

Norrtullsgatan 7

28 maj
Undrowned lessons and skeletal speculations by Adam Seid Tahir
at 1pm–4pm

Östbergatorget 21


For the second edition of Water @ Weld Pontus works together with sound artist Hara Alonso to create a new work, Clepsydra, a musical installation of touch, sound/ing, gestures and water. As well as working on the similar legacy of score writing, found in both western contemporary dance and music.

Some new “tracks” are added to the performance of A Dog Called Drama, Pontus solo version of the research where he plays the accordion and tells stories from aqueous embodiment and desires, somewhere between a concert and auto-fictional writing.

Invited is also dancer and choreographer Adam Seid Tahir to teach the workshop Undrowned lessons and skeletal speculations, based on some speculative proposals and somatic scores developed in relation to the book Undrowned: Black Feminist Lessons from Marine Mammals written by American writer and activist Alexis Pauline Gumbs.

All Departures Are Waves focuses on the material, ecological, performative and ethical qualities that water can entail, as a vital fact for all living things. By looking at water, maybe even being water, we can find new paths for an all-encompassing, all living, ethics and politics. Anchoring this project is the concept Hydrofeminism, coined by phenomenologist and gender scholar Astrida Neimanis. By looking at water, maybe even being water, we can find a new path for feminism as an all-encompassing, for all living, ethics and politics.

an interactive sound installation by Hara Alonso and Pontus Pettersson

How can we create or amplify our relationship with water, today, as in the midst of the anthropocene and global disaster. As a common, as the very fact that keeps us alive?

Hara Alonso and Pontus Pettersson have looked into the shared space of an installation of gestures, sound and water. Working with the dual lineage of score making, both important practices in western contemporary music and dance.

Playing with the idea of a water clock, a clepsydra, we measure, we become, we are through time. Can our bodies become the grounds of this investigation and embodiment?

The installation is open one hour at the time. We enter together and one leaves whenever one wants to. The installation serves the idea of a joint event, a meditation class of some sort, or a one hour long musical jam, or just being with sound and silence together.

Welcome into time, into our soundgarden, tending to the space giving your attention to water.


A Dog Called Drama
an auto fictional dance and sound performance by Pontus Pettersson

In the spring of 2020, Pontus started playing the accordion, a solitary practice and vibrational endeavor, both spiritually and physically, seen as the motion of waves and breath, a perpetual drive.

A Dog Called Drama is Pontus research project All Departures Are Waves, cast in singular form through Pontus own history, practice, and dance. Somewhere between a concert, auto-fictional writing, and ah, yes, choreography. In the solo Pontus plays and tells stories from aqueous embodiment and desires, vibrating the space, as to move the audience from inside out. The flesh becomes one.

If the performance has a shadow, it will lead us to a male figure, yet, like wet paint it moves with gravity, becoming material, far from an image. At night, when the shadows dance in the absence of the sun, sounds like vibrations, a wavy sphere is created from which the calling of the ocean is imagined, conjuring the past to move forward.


Undrowned lessons and skeletal speculations
– a movement workshop by Adam Seid Tahir

This workshop will be based on some speculative proposals and somatic scores that Adam Seid Tahir has developed in relation to the book “Undrowned: Black Feminist Lessons from Marine Mammals” written by Alexis Pauline Gumbs.

“Imagine with me that the biggest sound on the planet, exceeding the anxiety we project over airwaves, is the prayer of blue ancestor depth.” (Alexis Pauline Gumbs, 2020, Undrowned: Black Feminist Lessons from Marine Mammals)

Pontus Pettersson (SE)
is a Swedish choreographer and artist based in Stockholm working in the intersection of visual arts, the expanded field of choreography and contemporary dance. Petterssons unique style is always a mix of practices and genres, where text, objects, sculptures, and choreographic instructions are always a part of the whole piece. The work ranges from fortune telling, cat practicing, writing poetry, making festivals to dancing. Pontus received his MFA in choreography at Uniarts in 2014, and a second one in visual arts at Konstfack 2018. Pontus is an affiliated artist at Weld in Stockholm and research center MARC in Knislinge, Sweden.

Hara Alonso (SE/ES)
is a pianist and composer based in Stockholm. Her music blends electronic and instrumental elements generating complex and imaginative sonic universes. Her creative practice questions the hegemonic narratives around music and technologies by re-signifying its tools and knowledge. By means of improvisation, somatics, physicality, DIY interfaces and coding, Hara composes new sonic systems and languages. Hara works in various artistic research projects at the Stockholm University of the Arts and is an artist in residency at Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm. In 2014 she initiated the participatory composition project The City Composing. Besides her artistic practice Hara teaches music programming at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

Adam Seid Tahir (SE)
(he/she/they) is a choreographer and dancer based in Stockholm. Their work encompasses dancing, performing, choreographing, writing, coding and creating work for physical platforms and cyberspace. Adam is interested in the meeting of blackness, sensor-based technology, braiding, 3D animation and somatic work and uses those to manifest alternate realities. They guide their process of creating work through intersecting digital and physical rituals for divination. Recently, she has become interested in creating affective and emotional machines while she also continues to be interested in modes of facial expression and has been working with the stank face through her latest work.

Weld is supported by Stockholms stad, the Swedish Arts Council and Region Stockholm