MELO,Nov 16-19

MELO offers four presentations of its nomadic investigation of sound choreography/architecture in which they ask of the audience to respond to the laid out propositions.

During a week long residency at Weld MELO will be completing the fourth part of its process-based nomadic project. The work consists of a series of experiments, meetings and open viewings that take place in a range of spaces and sites throughout 2011. For this occasion MELO will develop their ideas on sound choreography/architecture by inviting guests to experience a spatial movement by way of hearing, feeling and internal imagery. With the sound, given forms are transformed generating new spatial properties and atmospheric variations. What are the different ways that this sound architecture can be experienced?

Four guest artists are invited to join the project offering their own expertise and perspectives: Malin Alenius (architecture), Sam Kennedy (design), Ville Lenkkeri (photography) and Dagmara Stephan (textiles).

Up until now MELO has realized studies at Skarpnäcks kulturhus, KIT, Architecture/Gallery Moln på Marken and Konsthall C.

MELO is Ola Hjelmberg, Louise Hultén, Anders Jacobson, Melina Mastrotanasi and Sara Soumah.