MIT: September 25 and 27

MIT is a character that acts within a fictional world. Directed through imagination MIT is touching, reconstructing, forming, dancing, climbing, being incased, tumbling, toppling, crumbling and fighting. MIT is an invented character that is absolutely real through artificial means.

The idea of re-inventing the body, thinking of what it can be, what it can do and what it's capable of is crucial in MIT. MIT is literally a reinvention of the body through a system in which one is and acts within.
MIT began with the question of how one through choreography can address the force of structures as something that acts upon the body. MIT is acting through perception in relation to fiction.
A fictional structure allows for the appearance of a particular relation to perception, time and action.
I'm interested in the fictionalization of behavior as a way of thinking beyond the body I know.
(Rosalind Goldberg)

Rosalind has had an residency in Weld´s Nordic Residency program preparing for the premiere of MIT.

Concept and Choreography: Rosalind Goldberg
Developed and performed by: Anne-Mareike Hess
Sound Composition: Camilla Barratt-Due
Lighting design: Ronald Hessman
Alexander Krantz
Dramaturgy: Dr. Christiane Berger & Sandra Lolax
Supervisor: Dr. Christiane Berger
Field recordings:
Cato Langnes

The work began in a residency at Station- Service for contemporary dance in Serbia, Belgrade.

The production is co-produced by Weld in Stockholm and supported by HZT Berlin.

Supported by KK-Nord


is a dancer and choreographer based between Berlin and Stockholm since 2007.  In 2007 she made her diploma in dance at Balettakademien in Stockholm.  Since then she worked in several collaborative projects, as a dancer for various choreographers and as a maker of own choreographic projects. Her work has been shown in festivals as Tanzoffensive, Tanztage Berlin, K15-Bochum Schauspielhaus, Perfect Wedding, Diversia et al. and in the venues Weld and MDT in Stockholm, Sophiensaele and Uferstudios in Berlin. Since 2008 she works in close collaboration with Stina Nyberg and Sandra Lolax. Their latest production Fake Somatic Practice premiered at Weld September 2011. As a dancer has Rosalind lately been working with Anne-Mareike Hess, Ingri Fiksdal, Sabine Zahn & Benjamin Foerster, the Berlin based performance company Banality Dreams among others.
In 2010 Rosalind Goldberg was a danceWEB scholarship recipient.  At the moment is she doing her MA in choreography at HZT Berlin.

is a luxembourgish dancer and choreographer educated in music and dance at the Conservatory in Luxembourg, at the TROIS C-L, at the HfMDK in Frankfurt/Main (2002-2006 Diplom Bühnentänzerin) and at the Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin / Ernst Busch (2008-2010 Master in Choreography). 
As a performer Anne-Mareike Hess has been working a.o. with William Forsythe (Human Writes), Eeva Muilu, Rosalind Goldberg, Zeina Hanna, Superhands and Miriam Horwitz. 
She has worked as an assistant for the choreographers Bernard Baumgarten and Gianfranco Celestino and as an dramaturge for Marina Tenorio. 
Since several years Anne-Mareike produces also her own choreographies, which were already performed at different festivals in Europe and Canada. In 2008 Anne-Mareike was part of the international exchange project Dance Roads, touring through Montreal, Cardiff, Turin and Luxembourg and was invited to the Festival "Repérages" in Lille (FR). In 2010 her production Never-ending up north was co-produced and premiered at the National Theatre (TNL) of Luxembourg. In 2012 Anne-Mareike the work I believe that we are having a dialogue a collaboration with Sandra Lolax, has been shown a.o. at the Valvesali in Oulu (FI), at the Draamasali in Vaasa (FI), at the Banannefabrik (LU), at the Uferstudios Berlin (D), at Inkonst in Malmö (SW), at Kutomo in Turku (FI) and at Weld in Stockholm (SW). In May 2013 Anne-Mareike has been presenting a solo research about nothing and nothingness at the Banannefabrik (Lux).

has worked with dance and choreography since 2007. She studied at Balettakademien in Stockholm 2004-2007 and has since then been based in Berlin and Finland. In her work, Sandra has taken interest in methods and procedures on how to produce choreography, and in how one could construct systems that function according to new truths or logical rules. She investigates in which ways choreography could systematize imagination. Sandra collaborates continuously with choreographers Stina Nyberg and Rosalind Goldberg, together with whom she realized the choreographic projects Weapons of Mass Production (2010) and Fake Somatic Practice (2011). Sandra has also worked with choreographers such as Deborah Hay, Anne-Mareike Hess, Maya M. Carroll (née Lipsker), Mårten Spångberg, Carl Knif and Miriam Horwitz. Sandra's is currently working on the solo, Action, that will premiere at Full Moon Dance Festival in Finland in July 2013.

studied philosophy and theater studies in Tübingen, Giessen and Berlin and recieved her doctorate at the Freie Universität Berlin in Theater Studies. Her dissertation, Körper denken in Bewegung. Zur Wahrnehmung tänzerischen Sinns bei William Forsythe und Saburo Teshigawara, was published at the transcript-Verlag in 2006. She has been involved in numerous theater and dance productions as a choreographer, dramaturge and production assistant. Currently, she is especially interested in the possibilities of integrating the audience in a piece or newly defining the concepts of actor and audience. Since October 2008 she belongs to the team of teachers of the MA Choreography programme at the HZT since October 2008.

Accordionst and composer. Graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Music with a BA in classical accordion in 2009.Since then she has ben performing as a freelance musician and composer in the field between classical contemporary music and performance-art. She has premiered pieces by severeal composers such as Timo Kreuser, Hafdis Bjarnadottir, Chrisitan Winther Christensen and Li-Ying Wu and performed with artists/ensambles such as Tora Augestad (No), Alexandra Cardenas (Mex) the Trackworkers (De) The London  Sinfonietta (Uk) and Her Stay (No). As composer Camilla V. Barratt-Due has worked with Stephanie Schober Dance Company (Uk) choreographer Esther Wrobel (Dk) and videoartist Tonje Alice Madsen. In 2012 she developed the audiowalk fra da til da (from now and then) for a perminent exhibition at the Dale-Gudbrand Gård (No)
Her recent work has ben presented on venues and festival such as Bergen International Festival, Nordic Music Days, London Opera House, young Nordic Music Days, Radial System, the Artaud Forum 2(UK)  and the Reykjavik Dance Festival. Camilla Barratt-Due is currently enrolling the The MA Program of Sound studies at the Berlin University of the Art.

is a Swedish born fashion and costume designer working between Stockholm and London. In 2011 he graduated from Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, with a BA honour in fashion. With his graduate collection he received the H&M scholarship for best graduate collection, was short-listed to Mercedes Benz Young Fashion Industry Award and national finalist in H&M Design Award. He won the international REMIX Design Competition 2012 in Milan.
Aside own artistic projects and collaborations with other artists, he has been working as senior womanswear designer at H&M, ladies trend department. Currently he started an MA in womanswear fashion at Central Saint Martins in London where he is graduating in 2015.