The first part of the triptych Montage premiered at Atalante in Gothenburg 20-21 of april and was the played at Weld the 18-19th of May.

Dance:Marie Fahlin and Peter Jansson
Concept/choreography: Anna Koch
Music: Ludd(Ida Lundén, Liselott Norelius)
Photomontage: Anchul von Brandenburg
Lightconsultant: Josefin Hinders
Production: Weld and Fusk

Anna Koch’s major focus of interest in her choreographic works is targeted on the feeling of presence that can arise in the interaction between action, perception and representation and on the body as the coordinator for memory and as a social archive. In Montage, she unpeels layer after layer, using a variety of perspectives. Spatiality is constructed, deconstructed and erased. Choreographic movements are filtered, re-presented and put together to form a new whole by two dancers of different ages and from different traditions.

"Anna Koch´s new work Montage deals with the tensions
between two through the notion of one.
Working past the realms of choreographic practice by
utilising improvisation and play-like forms of
movement Koch´s work further opens the discussion
between the static immovable form and the
manoevre-ability of emanicipatory expression. A
personal political work that combs historical and
contemporary references to explain the common fusion
betwix and around power – consensual and celebratory
whilst taut and constricted. An essay on the everyday
resistances that we face as both individuals and in
company. The work overcomes the perceived plight of
physical damage and creates a new space for synergy
and shared consensus that escapes the boundaries of
technological and disciplinary oppression."

Anthony Jay