Oct 24+25. Efva Lilja in dance, images and words

Oct 24 at 3pm and 5pm
Oct 25 at 3pm and 5pm

Norrtullsgatan 7

Available for booking from October 12 at 12pm

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Between Isolation, Desperation and Liberating Sexuality
An installation in dance, images and words

The audience is guided through a process that spans about 50 minutes

With the experience of political developments in Europe and the dramatic effects of the pandemic, many are experiencing both isolation and desperation. When Anna Koch asked if I wanted to present the solo Ana Rage from 1986 together with current works, it was easy to say yes. The challenge of seeing what in the 80’s constituted the background to the solo about sensations (ana) and inherent rage (rage) suddenly became urgent. In dance, images and words, I want to shape a subjective approach to what is going on, reflected through historical flashbacks and contemporary references. / Efva Lilja

Choreography, dance, paintings, drawings and text by Efva Lilja
Ana Rage (1986) is danced by Anna Mesquita

Efva Lilja is a Swedish artist. Based on choreography, she presents exhibitions, performances, installations, films and texts around the world. Her work has often been described as controversial and groundbreaking. Some of the most notable works have been commissioned by art institutions such as the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris, the Moderna Museet in Stockholm and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, but she herself is happy to highlight the more experimental works for galleries, alternative stage rooms and public places. From 1979 she worked as a dancer and choreographer in i.a. Sweden and the USA, 1985 – 2005 she was a choreographer and artistic director at E.L.D. in Stockholm. In 2003, she was appointed professor of choreographic composition at the School of Dance. 2006 – 2013 she was rector of DOCH, Dance and Circus Academy, 2014 expert in artistic research at the Ministry of Education. From 2016 to May 2019, she was artistic director at Dansehallerne in Copenhagen. In parallel with these assignments, she has always been active as an artist. For her artistic work, she has received a large number of prizes and awards.


Born 1984 in Brazil and moved to Sweden as a six-year-old, has been raised between both cultures in a nomadic lifestyle. 2003 she initiated the duo ”QUARTO” together with the choreographer and performer Leandro Zappala. During 17 years they have been living and working in between Stockholm and Rio de Janeiro. The life between two distinct continents characterizes their work and provides constant challenges. Together they are developing bodies of work that are emerging in a series of long-term research. Their latest work, ROPE series, has been developed during the past ten years and explores a practice developed through a kilometre long rope. They invest in research within interdisciplinary art, deeply rooted in the interaction between theory and practice, together with other artists and researchers. Engaged primarily with philosophical questions regarding the relations between body and objects and the limits of the body, they seek to generate thought and subjectivity through a radical, visual and physical experience. Their work has been shown at museums, in different venues and galleries throughout the world.


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