Weld spring 2019

March 1 Warrior Anne Mareike Hess (DE) March 2 Warrior Anne Mareike Hess (DE) March 3 Warrior Anne Mareike Hess (DE) March 6 Dance Concert no 3 March 10 Workshop-Group 5 March 21 Cheating ... continue >

April 6+7. Flakkande røynd / Rannei Grenne (NO) & Solveig Styve Holte (NO)

April 6 at 8pm April 7 at 6pm + at 7pm Release KOREOGRAFI 2018  (Read more below) Weld Norrtullsgatan 7 Book: book.weld.se In Flakkande røynd, source materials and different working ... continue >

March 21, 22, 24. Cheating Discipline and Other Artistic Affairs / Gry Tingskog

March 21 at 7pm March 22 at 7pm March 24 at 6pm Weld Norrtullsgatan 7 Boka: book.weld.se She lets words meet her body. The flesh of language moulds her porous skin from the ... continue >

March 10. Workshop-Group 5

March 10 at 3pm – 6pm Free of admission! Group 5 – Feminist Perspective Group 5 is a workshop that focuses on the format as the applied methology. At each workshop five artists of ... continue >

March 6. Dance Concert No. 3

March 6 at 7pm–10pm Weld Norrtullsgatan 7 Book: book.weld.se Lineup: Sanna Söderholm + Elinor Tollerz Bratteby Tilman O'Donnel + Fabrice Mazliah The Assembly
The wish to host an event, the ... continue >

March 1+2+3. Warrior / Anne-Mareike Hess (DE/LU)

March 1 at 7pm March 2 at 7pm March 3 at 6pm Weld Norrtullsgatan 7 Book: book.weld.se My enemy is my fear And it takes my breath away So I call to fight with love, open up my heart ... continue >

Weld at Malmö Konsthall. Feb -19

Yvonne Rainer + Weld has been invited by Malmö Konsthall as part of an exhibition program  February 8 – 24  2019. The choreography Again? What Now? will be shown together with films by- ... continue >

Feb 15+16+17. Ömma Arkiv / Anna Bontha

February 15 at 7pm February 16 at 3pm February 17 at 6pm Weld Norrtulsgatan 7 Book: book.weld.se tradere (latin tradiʹtio ´to hand over´ ´to give for safekeeping´) Ömma arkiv ... continue >

Jan 31 – Feb 3. Queens Of The Fauns / Frédéric Gies (FR/SE)

Queens Of The Fauns is a pangender duet danced by Frédéric Gies and Elizabeth Ward, which dialogues with a keystone in dance history: The Afternoon Of A Faun by Nijinsky. To the techno beats of a ... continue >

Jan 5. Paradigm / Dinis Machado (SE/PT)

In the very beginning of 2019, Barco in Coproduction with Weld continue the series of replays of works created since Dinis Machado moved from Portugal to Stockholm in 2012. These works unfold from ... continue >