Aug 14+15. Open showing: The blue horizon in the corner of my eye / Sybrig Dokter

August 14 at 7pm August 15 at 7pm Weld Norrtullsgatan 7 Book at: A permeable body, unique and autonomous, a body that adjusts and accommodates other people’s movements, a body that ... continue >

In residency: Pontus Pettersson. The Hydra – A choreography in search of the essence of water.

Pontus Pettersson and Salad Hiilowle are currently working on the Hydra project in Weld's studio. In the darkness of the theater the monster sees its reflection on the ground. One body or more, ... continue >

May 12–21. t i o d a g a r s f e s t i v a l

t i o d a g a r s f e s t i v a l Marja-Leena Sillanpää, Leif Elggren, Yishay Garbazs, Mara Lee,  Fatima Moallim, Marie Fahlin, Sara Lundén, Yari Stilo, Ann Juren, Gerda Scheepers, Göran ... continue >

April 24+25+26. A Mirror in the Hand / Kajsa Sandström. Livestreamed premiere

A Mirror in the Hand will be broadcasted from Weld to Abundo April 24 at 7pm  Link to the stream April 25 at 7pm  Link to the stream April 26 at 7pm  Link to the stream Kajsa ... continue >

April 3+5. Cancelled Performance. Dissolution / Joel Nordström, Eric Sjögren, Anton Andersson

Currently Joel Nordström, Eric Sjögren and Anton Andersson are in Weld's studio working on the preparation of thier work Dissolution. The plan was to show the work on April 3 and 5 but we have now ... continue >

March 19+20+21. Cancelled performance, TONTRÄGER

CANCELLED Weld has decided to postpone this guest performance until a later date! March 19 at 7pm March 20 at 7pm March 21 at 7pm Weld Norrtullsgatan 7 Book: People use ... continue >

March 12–15. Who´s Afraid

March 12 at 7pm March 13 at 7pm March 14 at 7pm March 15 at 4pm Weld Norrtullsgatan 7 Book:

Who's Afraid is a series of dances that contains and evokes the affects and imaginaries ... continue >

Feb 26 – March 1. Talking & Props

Weld Norrtullsgatan 7

Book: Talking & Props, Fourth Edition, is a festival of performance works dealing with language in relation to specific movement practices – as material and ... continue >

Feb 28 – Mar 1. Workshop: CAP. Jane Bacon & Vida Midgelow

Workshop CAP – Creative Articulations Process with Jane Bacon and Vida Midgelow Friday February 28 at 6 – 21pm Saturday February 29 at 10am – 4pm Sunday March 1 at 10am – ... continue >

21-23 feb. Weld Company in Berlin

In february Weld Company is invited by Staatsballett Berlin with the choreography Tribute by Frédéric Gies in the frame of Staatsballett Kreativ. Friday February 21 at 8pm Saturday February ... continue >

Feb 20+21+22+23 Cristina Caprioli / Scary solo

Feb 20 at 7pm Feb 21 at 7pm Feb 22 at 7pm Feb 23 at 5pm Weld Norrtullsgatan 7 Book: So she moves around pondering over a number of options. Should she settle for a pool or travel ... continue >

Feb 15+16. Workshop. Group 5 | Feminist Perspective

February 15 at 11pm - 4pm February 16 at 11pm - 4pm Admission free workshop!
Weld Norrtullsgatan 7
In 2018 Group 5 | Feminist Perspective began, which is a workshop format that
... continue >

31 jan–2 feb. Tilman O’Donnell: History Was Written by the Losers / Hoedown Showdown

Jan 31 at 7pm Feb 1 at 7pm Feb 2 at 5pm Weld Norrtullsgatan 7 Boka: History Was Written by the Losers / Hoedown Showdown is the latest work by David Kern (US/IL), Tamar Lamm ... continue >

Jan 25. Workshop with Ellinor Ljungkvist

Dance Class & Choreographic Methodology Jan 25 at 11.00-15.30 Weld Norrtullsgatan 7
No admission R.S.V.P to ellinor.ljungkvist(at) This workshop is open for everyone active
... continue >

Jan 19+21+22. NORMCORE / Dinis Machado (SE/PT)

January 19 at 7pm January 21 at 7pm January 22 at 7pm Weld Norrtullsgatan 7 Book:
NORMCORE is a playground dance for five performers. Departing from their bodies in what ... continue >

Jan 11+12. Dan Johansson – Exhibition / Performance

Open only Saturday January 11 at 4-5pm Sunday January 12 at 4-5pm Free admission Dan Johansson is a dancer and choreographer who has started to create large-scale installations as an ... continue >