Grind, dec 16-18.

by Jefta van Dinther in collaboration with Minna Tiikkainen and David Kiers

Imagine a place that defies your senses. Imagine rhythms that affect your vision. Imagine a room where the

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Weld in Nyc, Nov 25-Dec 5th

Weld in NYC from Nov 25- Dec 5th

The festival Swedish Energies is taking place Dec 2-3rd at The Issue projekt room in Brooklyn. Two of Weld´s productions will perform amongst other Swedish ... continue >

MELO,Nov 16-19

MELO offers four presentations of its nomadic investigation of sound choreography/architecture in which they ask of the audience to respond to the laid out propositions.

During a week long residency ... continue >

Nicole Beutler Oct 26, 7pm

Artist presentation by Nicole Beutler

Choreographer, performer and curator Nicole Beutler based in Amsterdam, is the first  guest in Weld´s evenings "This is what I do" in which ... continue >

Rebecca Schneider, Oct 11, 7pm

Art and War in Times of Theatrical Reenactment-Lecture by Rebecca Schneider(US)

Rebecca Schneider will offer a talk drawn for her recent book Performing Remains: Art and War

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Five solos, Sept 27-Oct 1

5 solos - Goldberg, Lolax, Nyberg, Pettersson och Doverud

Weld presents in four nights and one full day, a number of solos that have been developed in our residence.


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The Scale, Sept 3+4

The Scale-
a duet by and with Josefine Larson Olin (SE) and Igor Koruga (SRB)

The Scale is a duet that proposes a choreographic realm that shifts between activity and passivity, through ideas about ... continue >

Workshop-PublicMovement, june15-23

Public Movement workshop with Omer Krieger and Dana Yahalomi

Public Movement explores the political and aesthetic possibilities residing in a group of people acting together. The movement operates ... continue >

2x Marcus Doverud, June 16+17

Because I Created It Like That and 
Faster Unstoppable The Fighter

Two solos with and by Marcus Doverud

June 16+17 at 8 pm

Marcus Doverud is working as an artist and ... continue >

OEI+Bergvall,Bernstein,Bök,May 10th

OEI poetry area: extension # 16:

Tuesday May 10th 6.30 pm
admission free

We are delighted to have OEI visiting us again. This time with an evening of readings by wellknown international trio ... continue >

Almost out of sight, April 1-20

ALMOST OUT OF SIGHT, April 1-20, 2011               

Almost out of sight is a festival offering a frame to a range of ... continue >

Ofas March 25-26th

Ofas (Unphase) by Sebastian Lingserius
March 25-26th, 7.00 pm

The choreographer Sebastian Lingserius is resuming his residency at Weld that was commenced last fall with the piece The Third Phase. ... continue >

Lecture by Petra Sabisch, feb 20th at 6pm

What is method? Concepts, performances and experimental realism
-a lecture by Petra Sabisch (DE)

This talk engages with the issue of method from the viewpoint of contemporary experimental art ... continue >

The Storm Palace jan 15th-feb 5th

The Storm Palace — Sculpture, film, painting, text and music collide.

An installation and a place for events by:Angela Duran, Linda Jansson, Samuel Ottosson Sander, Christoffer Paues, Maria ... continue >