December 9 – 18: Dance is Ancient / Frédéric Gies (FR/SE) m.fl.

Dance is Ancient is a durational event that places experimental dance and techno music at its center. Conceived by Frédéric Gies around his most recent dance works, the event brings

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Dec 15+16. Phoenix. Weld Company + Rebecka Stillman (SE)

Last spring Weld Company+Rebecka Stillman premiered Phoenix at Dansens hus main stage in Stockholm. Now, we present Phoenix again, adapted for space of Weld.

In Phoenix, 13 dance artists use different ... continue >

Nov 18-20. Synchronization in process / Anne-Mareike Hess

Synchronization in process, the new dance work by Anne-Mareike Hess (LU/DE) is a choreographic essay on our constant striving for global synchronicity and a balanced ecology of time on a social, ... continue >

Nov 8-10 cool cool uncool and loving warm / Marcus Doverud (SE) & Emma Daniel (FR)

The piece asks: how is groove made through dance? The method travels along the path of music. The bulk of material mainly from hip-hop break-beats, electro based techno, impressionist music and the ... continue >

Talking & Props, October 19-30

Danny Neyman, Tova Gerge, Uri Turkenich, Marika Troili, Bogdan Szyber, Mette Edvardsen and invited guests

Talking & Props is a festival focusing on language as material and on

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Sep 27-29: Anna Pehrsson (SE): CUT IN/ FOLD OUT

It is not the conquest of the superficial that we seek in intimacy, but rather the innermost chamber of reality. The surface becomes the locus where this is rehearsed./ Tavi Meraud: Iridescence, ... continue >

September 25. Double Release: New book by Efva Lilja + the magazine CHOREOGRAPHY (NO)

Double Release

"Att koreografera dagen och låta natten vara - en apologi för dansen" av Efva Lilja
at 4pm Stina Nyberg talks with Efva Lilja about the book
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September 13. Concert: Akio Suzuki & Aki Onda (JP) + Mats Lindström (SE)

The japanese sound artists Akio Suzuki and Aki Onda present a unique opportunity to experience the innovative artists’ sonic and spatial explorations. The multimedia performance will ... continue >

September 9. Night performance: Falling. Dokter, Voorham, Dingemans

I’m falling asleep. I’m falling into sleep and I’m falling there by the power of sleep. Just as I fall asleep from exhaustion. Just as I drop from boredom. As I fall on hard times. ... continue >



What if we shift the question from ‘who do I want to be?’ to the question, ‘what kind of life do I want to live with others?’ Judith Butler

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Weld company with ”Phoenix” at Dansens Hus! April 28+29

Phoenix is a work created with choreographer Rebecka Stillman. On stage we meet 13 dance artists who use different chorographical methods to explore what it means to actually be a company. They ... continue >

April 14-17. Mirko Guido (IT/SE): Entities

Entities is Mirko Guido's latest project premiering at Weld on April 14th. Developed in co-operation with Lisa Schåman, Elise Brewer, Darío Bardam, Josefin Lindebrink, Jens Sethzman ... continue >

March 30 – Apr 1. Other, Ballet, Piece / Sebastian Lingserius & Love Källman

A work constructed between the ballet’s bodily framework, an evasive and ambiguous subject, and a musical score that begins to alienate itself. Tentative and speculative proposals crashing ... continue >

March 12, 13, 15. Jump with me! / Rosalind Goldberg (SE/NO/DE)

Jump with me! is about three characters that only exists through the jump. Their bodies and manners are sculpted by the jump. Their songs are sung through jumping. In short –the jump is their ... continue >

Three white soldiers part 2: Rock this World

Three White Soldiers is an archive of stories, collected by Anders Paulin and Johan Forsman through a series of pilgrimages following the material as well as virtual landscape of contemporary
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Feb 28. Night performance: Falling (work title) by Sybrig Dokter

The night between Saturday february 27 and Sunday  february 28 from 00.00 - 08.00

I’m falling asleep. I’m falling into sleep and I’m falling there by the power of sleep. Just as ... continue >

Insisting on: Feb 11,12,14

Insisting on:  Asplind, AlmgrenRecén, Koch with live music by Mats Lindström.

Insisting on
consists of bodies that in delight mingled with fright, jumps themselves through repetitive ... continue >

Jan 26: Film screening and artist talk with Leyla Toprak (TR)

Weld has invited the Kurdish artist Leyla Toprak for a screening and a talk about her artistic practice. In the evening two of her short films are screened followed by a talk together with- and ... continue >

Jan 13, 15 + 16: Paradigm – A performance by Dinis Machado (SE/PT)

Folklore is the body of tales, music, dance, and so forth, common to a particular population.[New World Encyclopedia]

A ritual is a sequence of activities involving gestures, words, and objects, ... continue >