Dec 16–19. L’Après-midi D’une Faune / Dinis Machado (SE/PT)

L’Après-midi D’une Faune is a solo for dancer Mandi Tiukkanen by choreographer Dinis Machado with original soundtrack by Godill. In this dance, they investigate and ask themselves about a ... continue >

POSTPONED! Nov. 26–28. When dancing was done with the lungs / Moa Franzén, Kajsa Wadhia, Tove Salmgren

When dancing was done with the lungs is a choreography that explores the body’s movements in relation to the voice, where vocal expressions become physical, become dance. Based on breathing as a ... continue >

Nov 22–26. Delicious Movement
 – A workshop with Eiko Otake

Since February 2021, Camila Marambio has been a postdoc fellow of The Seedbox: A Mistra Formas Environmental Humanities Collaboratory at Linköping University, hosted by the Royal Institute of Art. ... continue >

Nov. 20. Deleting Whiteness Symposium

A hybrid day of performance, presentation and discussion designed to transform, dissect, celebrate, confront, restore justice & enjoy. A wake for, or to wake, Weld’s whiteness by flooding the ... continue >

Nov 19. Disorientating and Queering Le Bal Moderne – Edition 1: Dinis Machado

Weld invites everyone to dance, because we all can! No matter our age experience or physical ability. In this series of social dances contemporary choreographers are being commissioned to make ... continue >

13+14 nov. Publikmusik / Marcus Doverud, Liv Strand, Roberto N Peyre och Anna Lindal

A care for choreographic and music practices that complicate virtuosity in relation to playing and listening. Studying and mixing competence from different fields we make compositions that lifts the ... continue >

Weld side story

Weld Company's season has started which continues the work Weld side story, where guest choreographers are invited to each interpret the same piece of music and where the title is used as a toolbox ... continue >

Oct 30. Artificial Airs / Marie Fahlin

11 female dancers perform a one-minute dance on half toe 10 times each during one hour. Minimalistic, repetitive with minimal difference. Choreography: Marie Fahlin Dance: Irina Anufrieva Salka ... continue >

Postponed! Open presentation: Weld Company + Salka Ardal Rosengren

Weld Company’s season has started and the continued work with the theme Weld side story, where guest choreographers have been invited to each interpret one and the same piece of music and where the ... continue >

Postponed. Oct 15. Weld side story. Open showing: Weld Company + Marcus Doverud

The open showing of Weld Company + Marcus Doverud is postponed. No new date decided. Weld Company’s season has started and the continued work with the theme Weld side story, where guest ... continue >

Oct. 8–10. Pressure Fields / Anna Pehrsson

Pressure Fields stages different processes of becoming as abstract movements and examines Dance’s capacity to create new imaginaries in a world of crisis. The dancing bodies activate dissolving ... continue >

Oct. 1–3. Hope: Chiron in Aries, Recital #2 / Frédéric Gies (FR/SE)

Hope: Chiron in Aries, Recital #2 is the second piece of Frédéric Gies´ Chiron in Aries cycle, after last year’s Warriors: Chiron in Aries, Recital #1. After the dark, almost dystopian world ... continue >

Sep 23–25. and–akter. rehearsals of escapes. / Hanna Wildow, Alva Willemark Mesaros, Tony Karlsson Savci

You are invited. Into a breathing, humming pine forest called Gränseskogen. A reservoir of unspoilt trees in the deepness of a rural Swedish mountain chain. Voices offer you proposals for how to ... continue >

LABRYO/ This turning Europe Sept 18-19.

Roberto N Peyre in collaboration with Barbara Crescimanno (It.), Weld & You 7 personages 3 days of labour 1 day of play with You September 18 at 1pm > 7pm - Performance (entrance ... continue >

Sep 10–12. Physical Empathy / Tyra Wigg

We are the soft hands that bathe your hot forehead. We are the firm elbows that soften your stiff connective tissue. We use sensory telepathy, tele-care, sound-touch. We twist and turn joints and ... continue >

Sep 4. Communal Rope ”as a promise of what is yet to come” / QUARTO (SE/BR)

COMMUNAL ROPE ”as a promise of what is yet to come” It all started a decade ago as an exhilarating yet laborious encounter between the one-thousand meter-long stretch of thick black rope and the ... continue >

Aug 26+27+29. When there’s only surface left / Oda Brekke

Oda Brekke’s work departs from an interest in the innumerable traces that are discovered and produced when dancing. In this work the paradoxical aspect of the concept surface is a starting point. ... continue >

June 23. Water @ Weld. Performance: Bodies of Water (Vanadislunden)

Bodies of Water "Webs of physical intimacy and fluid exchange." Bodies of Water is a choreographic installation and performance where performers are continuously doing Pettersson's water practice ... continue >

June 17–20 juni. Water @ Weld. Installation: Hydra + Rain Room

Hydra is a scenic and performative proposal on documentation, film, memory and gaze, a collaboration between Pontus Pettersson and Salad Hilowle, both with one leg in the visual arts and the other ... continue >

June 17–20. Water @ Weld. Solo: A Dog Called Drama

A Dog Called Drama - Solo by and with Pontus Pettersson In the spring of 2020, Pontus started playing the accordion, a solitary practice and vibrational endeavor, both spiritually and physically. ... continue >

June 15. Water @ Weld. Workshop: Delta – An Ocean Call: Second Wave – Water Body

Welcome to Delta, a choreographic platform for participatory work. A container for participatory projects, dance, exchange and choreographic inquiries in workshop and publication formats. Responding ... continue >

June 15-23. Minifestival: Water @ Weld

Water @ Weld is a mini-festival that examines one of the world's most common and anomalous materials, water. The festival is organised by choreographer / artist Pontus Pettersson together with Weld ... continue >

June 3–6. Exhibition: imMaterialities

The exhibition imMaterialities showcases nine artistic approaches to matter, developed during the two-year post-master course 'Materialities–Coordinates: Mapping as Translation' at the Royal ... continue >

May 18. Between the Hearth and the Stack (Mellan härd och skorsten) / Anna Pehrsson

The dancer is the smith, as well as a material in transformation. Through combinations of muscular pressure and release, she creates plateaus and suspensions where the relationship between body and ... continue >

May 14–16. Premiere: Pressure Fields / Anna Pehrsson

Pressure Fields stages different processes of becoming as abstract movements and examines Dance’s capacity to create new imaginaries in a world of crisis. The dancing bodies activate dissolving ... continue >

May 2. Film at Weld. VOID / Irina Anufrieva (SE/BY)

On Sunday 2 May, a filmed documentation of Irina Anufrieva's solo VOID is projected on the big wall at Weld. It will be shown for a full day. An intense visual and sounding meeting between dance ... continue >

April 14–18. Yellow Puzzle Horse / Dinis Machado (PT/SE)

Yellow Puzzle Horse is a dance for a self made dress in a constructed forest. The dress, as important as the sewing and the dancing, as forbidden labours. During the last year, while the world ... continue >

April 7–11. echoes of you(s) / Gry Tingskog & Amina Szecsödy

echoes of you(s) is a collective drift, a temporary dislocation of the subject. It moves inside multi-layered temporalities and durations, leaking away from the present moment to unfold in the ... continue >

March 24–28. Weld Company. Walk (one-to-one)

Weld Company defies the digital intake through the analogue walk as a sensorial and exploratory format and an open and stimulating action for external and internal observations. The walk is based on ... continue >

March 14: Film (online): Red Handkerchief / Leyla Toprak (TR/SE)

Five years ago, Kurdish choreographer and filmmaker Leyla Toprak was invited by Weld to show a couple of her films. One of the films was Red Handkerchief (2015) which we asked Leyla about the ... continue >

Jan 18-24. Residency: Dinis Machado (SE/PT)

Dinis Machado is working in the studio making his new solo ready which will be shown a bit later this year. Yellow Puzzle Horse is a dance for a self made dress in a constructed forest. The ... continue >