Weld this autumn

September 30-October 2 Premiere: warp / Gry Tingskog October 12 Open talk: "What is radical?" Guests: Beth Laurin, Nasim Aghili, Thierry Mortier, Paloma Madrid, Ulrika Gomm a.o October ... continue >

Dec. 16–18. Lasting Figures / Salka Ardal Rosengren with Louise Dahl, Marcus Doverud

In her work, Lasting Figures, Salka Ardal Rosengren, and collaborators Louise Dahl and Marcus Doverud, work on a tender, pulsing and experiential encounter in the dancing, music, and values of Lindy ... continue >

Dec 3+4. TONTRÄGER / Martin Sonderkamp (DE/SE) & Darko Dragičević (RS/DE)

People use language everywhere every single day. Depending on when and where something is said, speaking constitutes concrete spaces and specific places in them. TONTRÄGER deals with the ... continue >

Nov 25–27. Turbulent Flow / Anna Pehrsson

Anna Pehrsson has recently expanded her artistic practice to manifest itself through image and sculpture. With Turbulent Flow she is back at Weld with her choreographic research, here in solo form ... continue >

Oct 27 – Nov 18. Weld Extended

Weld Extended is an extension of the experimental project Weld Company (2013). This autumn and spring, Extended will be in focus while we re-examine our larger project. During the autumn we have ... continue >

Nov 18. Open talk: Which ritual?

We want to know more about the meaning of ritual in art and invite you to an open conversation "Which ritual?". Participating guests are artists Madeleine Hatz, Roberto N Peyre and Nadine Byrne, ... continue >

Oct 28-30. See-through / Adriana Cubides (AT/CO/SE)

During the weekend of October 28-30, Weld presents the artist Adriana Cubides and her project See-through. Premiere of the work October 29 and 30. Friday October 28 we do will screen a film that ... continue >

Oct 21–23. Barricades and Legacies: Chiron in Aries, Recital #3 / Frédéric Gies (SE/FR)

Barricades and Legacies: Chiron in Aries, Recital #3 is a performance by Frédéric Gies for seven dancers. It is conceived as an epic, a long poem depicting a mythological world through virtuosic ... continue >

Oct 12. Open Talk: What is radical?

We would like to update ourselves on the subject of radicalism and hereby invite you to an open discussion under the title “What is radical?” Invited guests are director and artist Nasim Aghili, ... continue >

30 sep – 2 okt. warp / Gry Tingskog

warp is a sensorial choreographic experience in the dark. Four performers move with reflex weaves that respond to touch by making sound, in a soundscape panning in-between eight speakers. What ... continue >

Sep 18. Lichen Dances / Dinis Machado (SE/PT)

Lichen Dances initiated by Dinis Machado with youth from Filipstad. Performed by: Fthawit Habtom, Barwako Mahad Yusuf, Dinis Machado, Linda Boatemaa, Nahom Gebrhwet, Susanne Berggren, Rahma Mahamed ... continue >

Sep 17. Kids@Weld. OOO (Age 3–6) / Elisabete Finger & BARCO

OOO is a dance of spheres, people, plastic, hair, an ex-duck and other things that we don’t know. An improbable group of different people and things arrives to an empty space: three dancers, a ... continue >

Kvadrennalen Jan 11- Sept 11

Kvadrennalen is a nine-month program, an initiative taking place around Sweden from January 11 - September 11, 2022, the election day.
KVADRENNALEN, platform for contemporary Art to respond to
... continue >

Mar 30 – Sep 11. manifesto art + thematic walk

This year is an election year in Sweden. On the occasion of this, we want to create and share a series of artistic manifestos that are based on individual artistic practices rather than on slogans; ... continue >

Sep. 3–11. In an act of weaving Festival

Festival finally! finally festival! a colorful umbrella that begins with a festival with dance performances, installations, video works, workshops and choreographic interventions and then continues ... continue >

Aug 27+28. Meditation. Workshop with Ellinor Ljungkvist & Annelie Nederberg

August 27 at 3pm–6pm August 28 at 3pm–6pm Weld Norrtullsgatan 7 Free admission Book: book.weld.se
This workshop is about reflection from a feminist perspective. Through guided meditation, ... continue >

Aug. 19. Open Showing: It’s been a while since you hollowed my bones / Elise Nuding (UK/SE)

Friday August 19 18.00-18.45 It’s been a while since you hollowed my bones workshopping an installation-performance 19.00-19.30 Reflections, questions, discussion Weld Norrtullsgatan ... continue >


June 27 at 7pm

Weld Norrtullsgatan 7 Book: book.weld.se
Documenta fifteen is currently underway in Kassel. This year, the curatorial group ruangrupa is focusing on the collective. Their ... continue >

Five Tender Days. June 8-12

Weld's open quiet space will feature Diana Orving's newly created installation, Johan Thurfjell's work Ascent, Roberto Peyre's excerpt of Labryo, Lisa Grip's photography and Thierry Mortier's work ... continue >

June 2+3. Medelgympa / Johanssons pelargoner och dans

“Gympa” [jym`pa] is a Swedish form of group aerobic training. Medelgympa is the result of an exploration of gympa as a bodily practice and social phenomenon. Johanssons pelargoner och ... continue >

May 24-29. Water @ Weld #2

Water @ Weld #2 is a compilation of works that examines one of the world’s most common and anomalous materials, water. As a performative anthology, the six days at Weld manifests the ongoing ... continue >


We are happy to host the Master students in choreography at SKH who are now sharing their degree projects here at Weld. Those who will show their work at Weld on 10 - 14 May are Mariana de Oliveira ... continue >

May 6-8. It can sound like a Party, Privacy (part 1) / Caroline Pyo soon Byström

Choreographer Caroline Pyo soon Byström presents her work It can sound like a Party, Privacy together with composer and artist Franz Edvard Cedrins, text and voice Britta Kiessling and scenography, ... continue >

Apr. 22+23. When dancing was done with the lungs / Moa Franzén, Kajsa Wadhia, Tove Salmgren

When dancing was done with the lungs is a choreography that explores the body’s movements in relation to the voice, where vocal expressions become physical, become dance. Based on breathing as a ... continue >

April 1–3. Dreamer / Anne-Mareike Hess (DE/LU)

Even in my dreams you’re watching me All these eyes all these eyes I really wonder what they see I really wonder what you see My body knows In the new dance solo Dreamer, ... continue >

Mar 17–20. Love’s Conversation is Dance / Efva Lilja

We are happy to present Efva Lilja at Weld again. After 2020’s major installation with dance pictures and words, she is back with a stripped-down solo where she meets Per-Henrik ... continue >

Feb 20. Arkivet för Rosa Brus. Release: Imri Sandström + Christine Bylund

Release for Imri Sandström's performance UMEQUEER and Christine Bylund's sound work Collateral Sounds. Two works both part of a series of five commissioned works that in 2021-2022 will be made ... continue >

Feb 16+17. Passivity Rules / Memories of Being Hanged. Tova Gerge & Britta Kiessling

Passivity Rules/Memories of Being Hanged is a performance based on movement and speech, building on experiences of being tied, especially in the context of rope bondage. The piece is a spin-off of ... continue >

Jan 7+8. DUNKA DUNKA / Ellen Söderhult

We will host a delving into a format which partly camouflages itself into a DJ-set, a sturdy cluster of voices and a slowly melting dance concert. DUNKA DUNKA plunges into how different expressions ... continue >