What if we shift the question from ‘who do I want to be?’ to the question, ‘what kind of life do I want to live with others?’ Judith Butler

Understanding dance as a continuous negotiation between historical, collective and personal habits, norms, and desires, her question felt like an important, impracticable but inspiring starting point for a dance by many. It became clear that to support, submit to, and care for a proposal and to fill the verb ”following” with agency was important. In a wish to unveil what norms and ideologies reside within dance performance. it started with questioning not the form dance takes, but for what reasons and what dance’s purposes potentially could be. This, out of the ambition to not take any purpose for granted.

In this performance individual dance histories, dreams, desires and memories reappear, to collide with other ones and be compiled to a new oneness. Taken out of contexts the separate dances constitute a new whole that make altered meanings appear, open for other readings and different understandings. Out of a view on creativity as collective and art as more than the production of artefacts RUDY proposes a calm moment where empathy, care, following, supporting, repeating and imitating are considered vital aspects of art.

Dance and choreography: Alex Nagy, Elise Sjöberg, Ellen Söderhult, Emma Strandsäter, Gry Tingskog, Hampus Bergenheim, Jilda Hallin, Lisa Nilsson, Lisa Schåman, Lisen Ellard, Max Wallmeier, Oda Brekke, Susanna Ujanen, Tiia Kasurinen and Vanessa Virta.
Concept and direction: Ellen Söderhult
Light design: Ronald Salas


OTHERBODIES is a dance made out of an interest in a symbiotic group body. The title of this piece is like a pseudonym or stage name for a body that is more than one, a temporary self that holds more than what might usually be considered a singular being. Through this choreography we would like to renegotiate our sense of self and invite or open up for other ways of understanding and experiencing agency, individuality and what it could mean to be together.

These evenings by and with: Lisa Nilsson, Lisa Schåman, Max Wallmeier, Oda Brekke, Gry Tingskog, Emma Strandsäter, Tiia Kasurinen, Susanna Ujanen, Alex Nagy, Jilda Hallin och Ellen Söderhult
Initial choreography: Jilda Hallin, Alex Nagy, Hanna Röckner, Ellen Söderhult
Light design:
Ronald Salas