Sep 23–25. and–akter. rehearsals of escapes. / Hanna Wildow, Alva Willemark Mesaros, Tony Karlsson Savci

Sep 23 at 7pm

Sep 24 at 7pm

Sep 25 at 2pm

Sep 25 at 7pm


Norrtullsgatan 7


You are invited. Into a breathing, humming pine forest called Gränseskogen. A reservoir of unspoilt trees in the deepness of a rural Swedish mountain chain. Voices offer you proposals for how to orient your lungs. An ambient landscape lulling you through eight acts of bodyings, feelings, breathings, languagings, voicings, borderings, rootings and deathinings.

and–akter imagines other ways of being together; a sphere for moving air between one body and another, for making sounds, and listening. For everyone with a breathing body.

and–akter. rehearsals of escapes. is a participatory performance where the audience interacts with the set design, sound, light and artists of the work. The performance is approximately 80 minutes long.

and–akter is presented as a series of installations and performances. During 2020 – 2021, the work has been performed as online-participatory iterations at Galleri BOX (Gothenburg) Krupa Gallery (Wrocław) and Rah Residency (Tehran).

The performances at Weld will be the first time the work meets an audience in a shared, physical room. They are followed by a sculptural iteration titled det är ett rop på hjälp (it is a cry for help), which opens as Eldhunden in Stora Mossen on October 9th, 2021.

and–akter is an extensive work shared by artists Hanna Wildow, Alva Willemark Mesaros and Tony Karlsson Savci, made together with Johan Wahlberg (sounds) and Marita Mätlik (technician). Video photography Adam Nilsson, mapping of video installation Helene Bergpress, photography Märta Thisner, costume embroidery Dick Hedlund, graphic guidance Moa Edlund, wording council Litia Perta, breath counseling Sara Haylett-Utberg.

With support by The Swedish Arts Grants Committeé, Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation and KULTURENS.  Thanks to Elektronmusikstudion EMS, Mats Erlandsson, Erik Malmsten, Kristian Nielsen, Eric Danger Österlin, SKF / Konstnärshuset, Ashik Zaman och Alida Ivanov.

Photo: Märta Thisner

Hanna Wildow

Taking her starting point in language, narratives and mythologies, Hanna Wildow conducts exhaustive research works within which she initiates relations and forms collaborations. With a particular interest in the ways history is constructed, she looks at how voice, body and power can affect which stories that become approved of as knowledge. Mediums and material often relate directly to what is being investigated through playfulness and associative puns. Wildow has a Master of Fine Art from Konstfack (2015) and her works have been shown at places such as Stripa Gallerirum, Something Else Off Biennale Kairo, hangmenProjects, ArkDes, Participant Inc. New York, Charles James Gallery Los Angeles and Human Resources Los Angeles. She lives and works as an artist and a teacher in Stockholm.

Alva Willemark Mesaros

Care is a keyword in Alva Willemark Mesaros practice. Her work investigates relations and with an emphasis on bodily senses she attempts to let these lead the way in her choices of materials. The works involve performance, choreography, objects, installation, sound, image and text, aiming to establish contact through interpersonal languages. Willemark Mesaros has a has a Master of Fine Art from Konstfack (2017) and her work has been shown at places such as PLX Tjärö, Konstfrämjandet Stockholm, Södra Teatern, and Something Else Off Biennale Kairo. During the spring of 2022 Wilemark Mesaros will present her work in a solo exhibition at Index in Stockholm. She lives and works in Stockholm.

Tony Karlsson Savci

Through experimental and pedagogical settings, Tony Karlsson Savci searches through social, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of healing processes. Their work moves through various mediums and materials, often melting together in collective investigations. Karlsson Savci has a Master of Fine Art from Konstfack (2020) and has also studied at the International Academy of Art Palestine i Ramallah and The Royal Art Academy in Stockholm. She is also part of the interdisciplinary art collective Brown Island, and has for many years collaborated with the musician Zhala. Karlsson Savcis work has been shown at places such as Index, Mint ABF, Konsthall C, Residence Botkyrka, Moderna Museet / ArkDes, Momentum 8 Moss, Athens Biennale 2018, and Solyanka State Gallery Moskva. They live and work as an artist and pedagogue in Stockholm.

Due to Covid-19, we carry out our public events with a limited audience, safe distances and follow the public health authority’s recommendations.

Weld is supported by Stockholms stad, the Swedish Arts Council and Region Stockholm