September 9. Night performance: Falling. Dokter, Voorham, Dingemans

I’m falling asleep. I’m falling into sleep and I’m falling there by the power of sleep. Just as I fall asleep from exhaustion. Just as I drop from boredom. As I fall on hard times. As I fall, in general. Sleep sums up all these falls, it gathers them together. / Jean-Luc Nancy (The Fall of Sleep)

The night of September 9 at 23:55 – 08:00 Weld will keep its doors open for a showing of the work that is the result of Sybrig Dokter’s residency at Weld September 2016.

Nadja Voorham, Robin Dingemans and Sybrig Dokter are balancing on the interface between being conscious and being asleep; a continuous falling into black rooms; in the gap between being awake and sleeping. Precarious bodies that share a room and are contaminated by each other without resistance. Identities that blur into sleep, emerge above the surface and dive under. Our sleep will produce ourselves awake and with it the need to connect to the world around us.

We will sleep for you. We will dream and we will suspend ourselves in a place where one can look 10 times at a written page and see something different all 10 times.

A first version of Falling was shown February 28 at Weld.

Performers: Robin Dingemans, Nadja Voorham, Sybrig Dokter.

The project was initiated by Sybrig Dokter

is an artist born in the Netherlands and raised in Sweden. She graduated from the audiovisual department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2012 and is currently doing a masters at the Royal College of Art, London. Her work spans over different mediums such as text, photography, video and performance. At the base of her practice lies an interest in the premises for human interaction and the way it produces performance. Nadja has exhibited in the Netherlands, the United States, England, Sweden, Portugal, Norway, Estonia at venues such as Reykjavík Art Museum (IS), Notafe festival (EE) and Ellen de Bruijne Projects (NL). She received the danceWEB scholarship in 2016.

is a choreographer, performer and teacher who works primarily in Sweden and the UK, he has many years of experience as an artist in innovative and experimental work in contemporary dance and performance. His work is centered around playing with creative processes and outputs which are often sociologically informed. He has been supported, commissioned and presented by many different organisations in the UK, Sweden and internationally including Weld, Sadler’s Wells, ArtsCross Beijing, The Place, Dance4, Laban Theatre, Dansateliers Rotterdam, Pavilion Dance, Escalator Dance and many more. He has performed in works of Weld Company, Fevered Sleep, Station House Opera, DV8 Physical Theatre, Requardt & Rosenberg, Ricochet, Protein, Theatre Rites, Yvon Bonenfant, les gens d’Uterpan and many more. He has created works, supervised, taught improvisation, composition and creative practices at many Conservatoires, Universities and a broad spectrum of other contexts internationally. Originally from New Zealand Robin has been based in Europe since 1998.


works as a choreographer and performer in the field of contemporary dance, visual arts and contemporary theatre. She has her base in the physical, choreographed, body and her works manifest in a variety of materials. After moving to Stockholm 1995 she initiated many international projects in amongst others Moldova, Estonia, Belarus and Ukraine and founded Lava-Dansproduktion together with Benno Voorham in 1997. From 2004 she worked for and collaborated with Anna Koch in a number of projects. Other projects Sybrig has taken part in are Möte09 in Umeå (Hybris), Manuskriptet Dodo and Festival:Display (Koreografiska Konstitutet). She is a regular visitor at Notafe, a festival in Estonia where she moderated talks with practitioners. Since 2010 she has been collaborating with Peter Stamer, Berlin, performing regularly in the performance FYEO. Most recent Sybrig concluded her project Archaeological Bodies (Serbia, Ukraine) together with Nadja Voorham and showed a first version of her sleep project Falling at Weld. Sybrig has been part of Weld Company since 2013.