Talks 22 March, 6 April 06

We invited Tor Lindstrand on the 22 of March and Rasmus Fleischer on the 6 of April to each hold a lecture.

Choreography for a virtual body? The technical advancement has made possible for millions of people to coexist in the virtual world. What will the development bring to the production of culture? Tor Lindstrand talked about his work ”Second Life” – about virtual concerts, workshops, art exhibitions, magazine publishing, involuntary cooperation with the CIA and the creation of the world’s largest virtual architect’s office. Lindstrand also talked about why aestheticism is so ”last Friday”.

Lindstrand is an architect with his own practice. He has worked with performance since 1994 and is currently working with the project International Festival.

Rasmus Fleischer from ‘Piratbyrån’ and ‘Copyriot’ talked about the grey areas of copywriting, the artists' economical situation, and the demystification of art pieces.