The Storm Palace jan 15th-feb 5th

The Storm Palace — Sculpture, film, painting, text and music collide.

An installation and a place for events by:Angela Duran, Linda Jansson, Samuel Ottosson Sander, Christoffer Paues, Maria Svensson, Jakob Staberg and Robin Spurrier with guests.

15 January – 5 February
Vernissage: Saturday 15 January 17.00-20.00 + concert 21.00
Opening hours: Thursday-Friday 13.00-19.00 and Saturday-Sunday 13.00-17.00
Weld, Norrtullsgatan 7, Stockholm, Sweden

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In The Storm Palace different medias, themes and idioms meet. They cross, permeate and develop in parallel. Dynamic merging of different artworks creates The Storm Palace. Similarities and differences emerge and as echoes some occurences returns yet through new shapes.  Rythms arise, and where the scope for each individual artist starts and ends becomes ever more indistinct. In an inquisitive way division and new fusions are allowed.

The Storm Palace takes its starting point from the spatial design construction that Liubov Popova created in 1922 for Vsevolod Meyerhold´s concretist theatre performance The Magnanimous Cuckold. Through shape and movement the actors created new spatialities and surfaces in the stylized scenography consisting of platforms in different levels connected by staircases. In synchronized movement a windmill was allowed to change into a bedroom which in turn was transformed into a machine.


The Storm Palace is a material construction as well as a platform inviting to events and social happenings. Lectures and performances occur here, some of them emerging through the exhibition process. For instance the practice method Biomechanics, created by Meyerhold, will be investigated by dance artists affiliated to Weld.

The fragmentary composition of The Storm Palace renders any thought of a conclusion or totality  impossible. It remains a work in progress, an achievement reaching out in many directions focusing on movements created in the process. To the artist the vision, the dream of this palace is as important as the actual creation. A dream of fellowship in a culture based on the individual.

Participants:Angela Duran, Linda Jansson, Samuel Ottosson Sander, Christoffer Paues and Maria Svensson were educated at The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and work with painting, installation, mobile sculpture, film and text. Jakob Staberg holds a chair as associate professor of history of literature at Södertörn University and is also active in esthetics. Robin Spurrier made the sound set to The Storm Palace; he is a musician and composer in a number of constellations.

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Upcoming events in the palace:

Saturday 15 January 21.00
Spectacular concert with Robin Spurrier & Guests.
Out of the darkness five characters emerge with levitating faces.

Sunday 16 January 14.00
The director and dramatist Nasim Aghili creates an event based on her arts project Förskjutningar (Displacements, translators note). Discussion, a resistance, is staged through the meeting between norm and desire. (Recurring event during the exhibition, see homepage.)

Thursday 20 January 18.00
”In pain the heaviest silence folds down on those of us that believe in freedom. The responsibility of letting all voices be heard makes us so forgotten when the one making himself heard is here to silence and drive us away. Sincere regards Björn Karlsson”. A performance by Björn Karlsson.

Friday 21 January 19.00
“Histories of an exhibition” — a lecture by Kim West. “Histories of an exhibition” will take its starting point in the Jean-Luc Godard exhibition "Voyage(s) en utopie", Centre Pompidou in Paris 2006, and will discuss how the exhibition can be utilized as a medium for experimental historiography.

Friday 28 January 19.00
Thinking molecular life of desire — intersectional reflections around biology and technology, body and psyche by Jakob Staberg.  Image projections by Angela Duran.

Saturday 5 February 19.00
Grand closing night with concert by Robin Spurrier & Guests.Mara Lee – Desire, movements: A reading based in her new novel Salome. Invited guests participate in a textperformance and Weld with friends create a choreographic interpretation of Meyerhold´s practice method Biomechanics.

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Translation from swedish page by Moa Hanssen.