Weld in Nyc, Nov 25-Dec 5th

Weld in NYC from Nov 25- Dec 5th

The festival Swedish Energies is taking place Dec 2-3rd at The Issue projekt room in Brooklyn. Two of Weld´s productions will perform amongst other Swedish acts. Weld´s office has also changed base for a while.

Palimpsest by Kathy Hinde and Daniel Skoglund, is a soundperformance that had it´s premiere at Weld in 2010.and , produced by Weld and EMS. One/Scratch memory is a duo by choreographer Anna Koch och electronicmusician Mats Lindström previously performed in Ljubliana, Belgrad and in the festival Sound of Stockholm.

Issue project room is and experimental platform for electronic music and performance.

The project is supported by: Statens Kulturråd, Statens musikverk och Stiftelsen framtiden kultur.