April 16. Book release: In an act of weaving

Welcome to the book release of In an act of weaving at Weld!

At the beginning of autumn 2022, Nefeli Oikonomou and Weld presented the project In an act of weaving – a colorful umbrella that began with a festival in September consisting of dance performances, installations, video works, workshops and choreographic interventions and continued with podcasts throughout the rest of the year. Now the book with the same title is ready to be presented.

To connect the theme, we have chosen to have the release in connection with the presentation of choreographer Anne-Mareike Hess’ new work entitled Weaver, which will be shown at Weld April 14-16. The book release will take place after the last performance of Weaver on Sunday, April 16. There will be an after talk with Nefeli Oikonoumou and Anne-Mareike Hess and conversations with the artists involved in In an act of weaving. The book’s graphic designer Carola Ureta Marín, who is visiting from the UK, will also be present.

In an act of weaving is for weaving enthusiasts, dance artists and anyone who wants to feel community again. An initiative that creates new paths, a platform to ”hold the thread” again. This book is a reflection, a thread, a collage, a trace of artistic processes and everything in between. It aims to give the reader space to wander, associate, wonder, forget themselves and come back in different forms.

16 april kl 17.00–19.00

Norrtullsgatan 7

Book at: book.weld.se

In an act of weaving

Participating artists: Marcus Baldemar, Paloma Madrid, Sandy Ceesay, Sebastian Lingserius, Nefeli Oikonomou, Ludmila Christeseva.
Coordinator, initiator, choreographer: Nefeli Oikonomou
Co-production: Weld
Producer: Ulrika Skoog Holmgaard, Scenit Produktion AB
Developed within Residency Program AADK, Spain
With support from the Swedish Arts Council. The initiative is part of Kvadrennalen.
Graphic design: Carola Ureta Marín
Cover: Weavers performance by Nefeli Oikonomou. Photo by Sebastian Lingserius and graphic design by CaUM.

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