March 17. Open Talk. Ursinne: Where is our Rage?

We want to explore the power we often don’t dare to face: rage. We invite you to an open discussion and film screening on the theme of rage. Participating guests are artist and performer Stella Kruusamägi, multidisciplinary artist Ayesha Quraishi, Jari Enqvist and Ekaterina Sisfontes from the activist artists’ collective Duo Contradiction.

March 17 at 7pm


Norrtullsgatan 7

Free admission


Rage is an intrinsic part of our existence and it is expressed and processed in different ways depending on our life situation. We learn early on that rage should be pushed aside, worked through, refined. Many find it difficult to get in touch with their rage. But contemporary experience shows that for those experiencing systemic oppression and injustice, rage has a constant presence, it is a necessity. Rage can create the power to act, it is a revolutionary force. Can a a collective rage help mobilise for change?

Rage can be intense, loud – or more drawn out, embodied over time, ever present, and equally profound. Together, we want to explore the different expressions and possibilities of rage, for art and for society. We want to talk about the inability to make something productive out of rage – the difficulty of not reaching into a rage that can mobilise, create change. And the difficulty of understanding someone else’s rage.

We live in a time when war, environmental disaster, polarisation, extremism and systemic oppression are part of reality, and these global concerns seem to be intensifying rather than disappearing. How do we feel about this? Rage, frustration, powerlessness?  The distance from sensing rage to acting on it is often long. Meanwhile, elsewhere, rage is mobilising unforeseen forces for change, both for good and for bad. If we could bring forward our collective frustration and find a common rage, would it it possible to mobilise, to change society?

During the evening there will be a film screening along with short presentations. We will also break into smaller groups for more intensive discussions. These open conversations at Weld aim to create space and opportunities for encounters that generate exchanges between artists and interested parties for a public dialogue on a specific topic.

The open talk will be held in english.

Artist and performer Stella Kruusamägi
Multi-artist and performer Ayesha Quraishi
Jari Enqvist and Ekaterina Sisfontes from the activist artists’ collective Duo Contradiction

Films to be screened during the evening:
Marty Topp: Paradise Now: The Living Theater in Amerika (1969)
Dorinel Marc: Faran är över – tur att någon tror på Sverige (1995)
Mounir Fatmi: Dieu me pardonne (2001-2004)
Imogen Sidworthy: I hate (2007)
Stella Kruusamägi: Holy Rage (excerpt from Püha Vaimu SAAL performance 2018).
Verklighetens Folk: Gråt Allians av vårt Hat (2010)
Simon Maraud: Struggle #1 with Anders Sunna (2016)

Thanks to distributorsSAQMI – The Swedish Archive for Queer Moving Images, Simon MaraudHEURE EXQUISE !Centre International pour les Arts Vidéo and Filmform.

The program is curated by Anna Koch & Nina Øverli

Weld is supported by Stockholms stad, the Swedish Arts Council and Region Stockholm