June 7. Open Talk: MOTHER

MOTHER is a thematic evening and an open conversation where we together want to explore the complexity of the relationship between art and motherhood. Contributing guests are artist Magdalena Ljung, choreographer Dinis Machado, dance artist Sophie Augot, artist/researcher Isabel Löfgren together with poet and author Isi de Paula.

The evening will feature the film Porcelain Princess (2013, 20 min) by Magdalena Ljung and a work from the series Hon i fyra akter (2015) by Ylva Snöfrid.

June 7 at 6pm–8pm

Norrtullsgatan 7

Free admission

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In a time of much exposure of the private, one may wonder what is actually being exposed and why. In the domain of art, we have always worked with the private sphere as a starting point. But why is it still considered a bit of a taboo to talk about your parent in an in-depth or artistic way? Or make artwork about being one?

From art history, we are all too familiar with the romantic depictions of mother and child, often seen through a male gaze. But if we choose to focus more specifically on motherhood and examine more realistic representations of it, we find examples such as Marie-Louise Lindberg De Geer’s statues or cries for mother, Sophie Calle’s video of her mother on her deathbed, Mary Kelly’s Post-Partum Document, Ylva Snöfrid’s Hon I fyra akter and Camille Henrot’s System of Attachment. These artists have depicted their mothers and motherhood in very different ways, each opening up an immediately physical, intimate and spiritual aspect.

It takes courage to approach the theme of motherhood, whether you are a binary or non-binary parent. On one level, there is a historical and political problem: what is it like to be a mother and continue to practice your art? What are the practical, economic, mental and cultural challenges? On another level, motherhood and one’s relationship with one’s own mother is often perceived as difficult to approach; Does it become banal? Too personal? Too intimate? Too physical? Too hard to comprehend and reveal? With other complex subjects, we are not so concerned, art exists after all precisely to approach otherwise difficult subjects, so why the problem just here? In art, motherhood still represents a very specific type of exposure and vulnerability that we want to explore.

Is it because you became a mother? No. Is it because your mother died yesterday? No. Is it because you saw this film with an artist acting her mother trying to look and sound like her? Yes it might be that! But not only that. Artists always reveal facts of lives from their private files, but do they talk about their mothers or about being one?

The evening will feature the film Porcelain Princess (2013, 20 min) by Magdalena Ljung and a work from the series Hon i fyra akter (2015) by Ylva Snöfrid. Thank you to the artists for this loan!

The program is curated by Anna Koch and  Nina Øverli

Weld is supported by Stockholms stad, the Swedish Arts Council and Region Stockholm