August 2+3: IN TI MA CY (Workshop)

Jan Rohwedder[Düsseldorf] and Miguel Álvarez-Fernández[Madrid]

A group of four German performance artists and a Spanish sound artists work on a practical research on the notion of intimacy in public space.Their choreographic research at Weld approaches aspects of live-art, dance and sound as main protagonists in a project that aims to put the topic in the frame of a gallery space on display. Leading from everyday situations, in privacy and public, to more calculated atmospheres medi- ated with developed dance-scores, the group works on a performance that in the end will be heard by an audience.

The two-days workshop includes practical approaches on score-development and exercises as well as a general exchange about the proposed topic.

The call for the workshop carried out at Weld is directed to everybody interested and includes all kinds of performance artists, non-dancers as well as dancers and performers.

Part of the encounter with the artists will be a recording session of a silent-disco mosh pit crowd.

Miguel Álvarez-Fernández[sound-artist and theoretician]
Christopher-Felix Hahn[performer]
Jan Rohwedder[choreograph and performance artist]
Camilla Vetters[performer and researcher]
Alma Wellner-Bou[performer]

No fee


Saturday August 2. 2pm-6pm

Sunday August 3. 11am-7pm

The workshop is restricted to 20 participants 

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Book at: