festival:display 2013, June 11-16

 festival:display is a choreography festival curated by Marie Fahlin and Rebecca Chentinell/Koreografiska Konstitutet. The festival presents choreographic works that challenge and explore new formats to produce, present and perceive dance and choreography beyond the traditional stage format.

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festival:display 2013 has collected 34 choreographers and artists with completely different methods, expressions, aesthetics and orientation: Adèle Essle Zeiss, Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Alexis Zeiss, Anna Ridderstad, Christina Henrysson, Cicilia Östholm af Dalmatinerhjärta, Cristobaldo Capridotti, Ebba Bohlin, Emin Durak, Emma Ribbing, Gazelle Kianoush, Hannes A Brandulv, Hiroko Tsuchimoto, Jenny Berntsson, Johanna Rosenqvist, Julia Bondesson, Linda Hofvander, Lisa Drake, Lisa Torell, Malin Arnell, Malin Stattin, Marcus Doverud, Marie Fahlin, Olof Persson, Pontus Pettersson, Rebecca Chentinell, Sandra Lolax, Sebastian Lingserius, Silas Bieri, SU-EN, Sybrig Dokter, Teres Selberg, Thomas Zamolo and Ulrika Lublin.

All participating works are presented in the format of an integrated group exhibition and performance and will run parallel and overlapping, they affect, interact, shape and reshape each other. Together they are part of the work festival:display 2013, a meta-choreography in space, time and movement.

festival:display 2013 is a complex combination of both programmed, enduring and spontaneous works. The festival is presented in three versions shown on different days and times.

For more information about the participants and the format of the festival: www.festivaldisplay.com

Welcome to festival:display 2013!

Koreografiska Konstitutet
Koreografiska Konstitutet is a platform that proposes and produces artistic development projects for choreographers.

Koreografiska Konstitutet moves between and complements existing structures within the choreographic field. We focus on long-term artistic development and expanded artistic possibilities within and for choreography as an art field.

The organization is flexible and responsive to the artistic needs and interests within the field. The shifting roles and positions within Koreografiska Konstitutet enables us to produce, create, communicate and meet in new ways.

Upcoming projects in Koreografiska Konstitutet include Koreografisk Journal, a new journal for the choreographic field, December 2013.

Since 2011 Koreografiska Konstitutet has a “hub” at Weld, a place to continually work at, return to and develop ideas at.

festival:display 2013 is supported by the Culture Committee of Stockholm, Stockholm County Council and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and is produced in cooperation with Weld and Danscentrum Stockholm.