March 24–26. Inside you there is / Erik Valentin Berg

Three performers are in a space without a beginning or end. It is total. All there is is there. It is like they are born here, only incused on each other without any contact of an outside world. They are being exhibited. There is a show element. It’s clearly rehearsed and has something taunted, almost contra intuitive about it. Who has put them here and what is keeping them captive is unclear. The already blurry borders that delimit what is instinct, socialization or feelings flows together. Despite their capacity to organize they still have not crushed their resistor.

Inside you there is is a meditation on captivity that departs in the tragic workplace accident at Kålmorden Zoo in 2012, where a zookeeper entered the wolffence alone with eight wolves.

March 24 at 7pm
March 25 at 7pm
March 26 at 4pm


Concept, choreography, music: Erik Valentin Berg
Performance and choreography: Andrea Diaz, Roberto n Peyre, Nadja Voorham
Light design: Christoffer Lloyd
Technician: Stella Kruusamägi
Production: Luxuria Produktioner
Residency support: MDT
Made possible with financial support from Swedish Art Council

The following dancers have also participated in the research for this work:
Ane Carlsen, Anton Hedevang, Roula Argiri Samiotaki, Bartłomiej Mikuła, Brina Dokl, David Anstey, Emma Kerttula, Evelina Jakobsson Potenciano, Joanna Kerkelä, Kacper Migas, Laura Linna, Lena Kienzer, Mira Jochimsen, Nelia Naumanen, Nellie Björklund, Pénélope Touvier, Philippa Felländer-Tsai, Maja Grimstedt

is an artist born 1984 in Stockholm. His works deal with organizations of the social body, mystery and language. The works usually exist in overlapping artistic fields where choreography is the common denominator. Lately, his works have been presented by MDT, Weld and published in Koreografisk Journal. He holds a B.A in Art History from Södertörn University college (2004-2007) and an M.A in Choreography from Stockholm University of the arts (2020-2022).

Weld is supported by Stockholms stad, the Swedish Arts Council and Region Stockholm