Weld Company 17 Nov-19 Dec

Weld Company+Julian Weber+ Rebecka Stiilman+ Party

Weld Company - initiated by Weld 2013 - is back 2014 with its second segment. During the autumn, a new constellation is working at Weld, ... continue >

Dec 17 – 19. Weld Company 2014 + Julian Weber (DE)

With background as a sculptor, the German choreographer Julian Weber is interested in working with bodies and material on stage. In his former pieces he has explored different kinds of interaction ... continue >

Nov 30+Dec1,Takako Suzuki / Pär Thörn: Blind-Tisch

Blind-Tisch is a first collaboration between Japanese dancer and choreographer Takako Suzuki and Swedish musician and poet Pär Thörn. The work premiered in Berlin March 2014.

With ... continue >

Nov 13+14. Weld Company 2013 + Weld Company 2014.

During a couple of days, Weld Company 2014 and Weld Company 2013 meet in The Weld Studio. Hereby the company expands to an ensemble of 12 people, given the chance to work together. We are given the ... continue >

Nov 5-7. Weld Company 2014 + Rebecka Stillman

Weld Company - initiated by Weld 2013 - is back 2014 with its second segment. During the autumn, a new constellation is working at Weld, overlapping the already established group Weld Company 2013. ... continue >

October 16+17, Weld c/o S:t Jacobs Church: DeSacre!

Weld proudly presents Christine Gaigg / 2nd nature and the lecture/performance DeSacre!

Pussy Riot meets Vaslav Nijinsky. The complexity of an artistic action is high, also or even more so,when it ... continue >

Talk on body/protest, Oct 12

In conjunction with the show,Weld organizes an evening on the topic of Body/Protest. A conversation between a number of invited artists, theatre directors etc that are interested in physical ... continue >

Sep 23+24. Anna-Mi Fredriksson (SE): The Economic Body. Part 1

Anna-Mi Fredriksson has a professional background as a classical dancer and currently studies at Stockholm School of Economics. In 2014, she initiated the interdisciplinary project The Economic Body ... continue >

September 5+7. Anna Pehrsson (SE): Unthinkable objects

Düsseldorf, march 5, 2013, 12.03. Erkrather Strasse 70. The system is looking at itself in hesitation. A woman walking under the german sun. Action: Sensation! In between a step, drawn into the ... continue >

Aug 21. Nordic Residency – RISK (DK): In Between Concrete

Nordic Residency at Weld presents a workpresentation of In Between Concrete by RISK (DK)

We can say that In Between Concrete investigates a series of choreographic strategies and ideas directed ... continue >

August 2+3: IN TI MA CY (Workshop)

Jan Rohwedder[Düsseldorf] and Miguel Álvarez-Fernández[Madrid]

A group of four German performance artists and a Spanish sound artists work on a practical research on the notion of ... continue >

Koreografisk Journal, June 3

Stockholm release for Koreografisk Journal by Koreografiska Konstitutet

Contributers: Örjan Abrahamsson, Francisca Beckert, Jac Carlsson, Rebecca Chentinell, Andrea Csaszni Rygh, Sybrig Dokter, ... continue >



Frédéric Gies invites you to a 3 hours and 38 minutes experiment, for ... continue >

May 10 – 12: 67,3% performative research seminar/Malin Arnell (SE)

Over the course of three days, artist Malin Arnell will enact a performative research seminar at Weld in Stockholm. The seminar encompasses a number of public actions, screenings and discussions that ... continue >

Weld Company x 4 April 27+28

Weld Company x 4
Choreographies by Rebecka Stillman (SE), Efva Lilja (SE), Michael Kliën (IE/AT) och Litó Walkey (DE)

Weld Company 2013 are: Sybrig Dokter (NL/SE), Robin Dingemans (GB/SE), ... continue >

April 24: CRINGE – a night of dysfunctional comedy

CRINGE is a program of screenings, performances and conversations that brings together artists, comedians and thinkers who are interested in comedic methods, without primarily aiming for ... continue >

April 8 + 9: Jonathan Burrows (UK) and Matteo Fargion (UK)

Four pieces in two evenings. Cheap Lecture / The Cow Piece and Counting To One Hundred / One Flute Note 

The highly acclaimed british performance-duo Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion is back ... continue >

Mar 30 – Apr 1: Dalija Aćin Thelander (RS/SE)

Exercise for Choreography of Attention ‘Point of No Return'

Weld presents the serbian-swedish choreographer Dalija Acin Thelander with her two new works Exercise for choreography of ... continue >

March 11-16: The Black The Box The Theatre -Texting Textures

Pontus Pettersson is back at Weld with a development of the project The Black Box Theatre, which was created for the festival Almost out of sight at Weld 2012. With the working title The Black The ... continue >

February 21-23. Janna Holmstedt (SE): Limit-Cruisers (#1 Sphere)

The artist Janna Holmstedt presents her performance Limit-Cruisers for 6 participants at Weld. It is a situation where the visitors are invited to reflect upon or act out their individuality, an ... continue >

Feb 7. Dancing Plague – Triple night

A trippel night ending the project Dancing Plague.
Solo by Lea Martini (DE), concert by Tian Rotteveel (NL) and an open dance floor.


Lea Martinis solo In the ... continue >

Jan 31 + Feb 7. Dancing Plague. Lea Martini (DE ) among others

Berlin based dancer and choreographer Lea Martini visits Weld with the project Dancing Plague in which she examines extatic movement and viral dance. The project is presented as a solo, workshop, ... continue >

Jan 31. RUPTURE – RECORD – SCREEN >> Pt 2 / Roberto N. Peyre (SE)

The Revolutionary Unconscious as Musicalities at the Border.

A film-evening and lecture curated by the swedish artist Roberto N. Peyre
An Acousmatic ... continue >

January 19-26. Residency: Anne-Mareike Hess (DE) – Dancing Plague

From the 19th till the 26th of January the luxembourgish choreographer Anne-Mareike Hess is in residency at Weld.

On the base of the dancing plague in Europe’s Middle Age Anne-Mareike will ... continue >