Weld Autumn 2023

Aug 17+18+20
It’s been a while since you hollowed my bones
/ Elise Mae Nuding

30 Aug + 1,2,3 Sep
Delete White Male
/ Robin Dingemans

Sep 8–10
Moving Landscapes
Videoinstallation / Performance

Sep 22-24
/ Anne Juren & Frédéric Gies

Sep 27 sep – Oct 1
/ Tova Gerge & Britta Kiessling

Oct 4-6
Try-dimensions Through Trans-realities
/ Dinis Machado

Oct 11
Practices of abstraction – a meeting point for Art and Science
Flat Octopus + Cluster 8
Inbjudna konstnärer och forskare: Jesper O. T. Andersson, Amanda Selinder, Donglei Chen,
Julia Hannukainen samt premiär för videon ”Organismo Vivo/Levande Organism” av Marta Pinilla

Oct 14
/ Efva Lilja

Nov 4+5
Max Wallmeier & Maia Means

Nov 24–25
Asphalt Festival

More events to be presented

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Weld is supported by Stockholms stad, the Swedish Arts Council and Region Stockholm