Working environment policy

Weld’s policy and action plan for non-abusive, equal and safe working environment


Zero tolerance towards abusive treatment, harassment, discrimination and stigmatization.

We are fully committed to treatment on equal terms regardless of background, ethnic, cultural, religious, social and gender identity and lived experience.

Our aim is to have as broad a representation as possible in terms of background, identity and lived experience, in all the different parts of the organisation.

In all forms of collaboration with various parties, Weld’s policy must be explicitly announced and practiced.

Weld’s management, including the board, shall strive for regular professional development and training with regard to equality, diversity and security issues.

Action plan

All employers and employees within Weld’s structure must take part in Weld’s policy and action plan for non-abusive, equal and safe working environment, and confirm that they have actively taken part in this.

All participants within Weld’s various undertakings are obliged to inform Weld of the perceived existence of any form of abusive behaviour, harassment, discrimination and stigmatization, both those that have affected oneself and those that have affected others than oneself.

Weld is responsible for investigating what has occurred if a person feels violated within Weld’s organisation. In the subsequent dialogue meeting, Weld will seek a concrete solution to the situation.

All forms of violations and unequal treatment must be actively followed up by Weld and, if necessary, a board representative or other knowledgeable person in the area.

Employee interviews, individually or collectively, concerning the work environment should be carried out at appropriate times, which may be as a follow-up at the end of various productions or at the termination of employment.

The current working environment at Weld will be a fixed part of the agenda at all of Weld’s board meetings.