May 18. Between the Hearth and the Stack (Mellan härd och skorsten) / Anna Pehrsson

May 18 at 7pm Weld Norrtullsgatan 7 Available to book from May 7 at 12pm Book at: Max 8 people in the audience
The dancer is the smith, as well as a material in transformation. ... continue >

May 14–16. Premiere: Pressure Fields / Anna Pehrsson

May 14 at 7pm May 15 at 7pm May 16 at 4pm Weld Norrtullsgatan 7 Available to book from May 7 at 12pm Book at: Max 8 people in the audience
Pressure Fields stages different ... continue >

May 2. Film at Weld. VOID / Irina Anufrieva (SE/BY)

On Sunday 2 May, a filmed documentation of Irina Anufrieva's solo VOID is projected on the big wall at Weld. It will be shown for a full day. An intense visual and sounding meeting between dance ... continue >

April 14–18. Yellow Puzzle Horse / Dinis Machado (PT/SE)

Yellow Puzzle Horse is a dance for a self made dress in a constructed forest. The dress, as important as the sewing and the dancing, as forbidden labours. During the last year, while the world ... continue >

April 7–11. echoes of you(s) / Gry Tingskog & Amina Szecsödy

echoes of you(s) is a collective drift, a temporary dislocation of the subject. It moves inside multi-layered temporalities and durations, leaking away from the present moment to unfold in the ... continue >

March 24–28. Weld Company. Walk (one-to-one)

Weld Company defies the digital intake through the analogue walk as a sensorial and exploratory format and an open and stimulating action for external and internal observations. The walk is based on ... continue >

March 14: Film (online): Red Handkerchief / Leyla Toprak (TR/SE)

Five years ago, Kurdish choreographer and filmmaker Leyla Toprak was invited by Weld to show a couple of her films. One of the films was Red Handkerchief (2015) which we asked Leyla about the ... continue >

Jan 18-24. Residency: Dinis Machado (SE/PT)

Dinis Machado is working in the studio making his new solo ready which will be shown a bit later this year. Yellow Puzzle Horse is a dance for a self made dress in a constructed forest. The ... continue >