Weld Autumn 2023

Aug 17+18+20 It’s been a while since you hollowed my bones / Elise Mae Nuding 30 Aug + 1,2,3 Sep Delete White Male / Robin Dingemans Sep 8–10 Moving Landscapes Videoinstallation / Performance / ... continue >

Dec 6. Small things that happened and some that did not / One day exhibition by Anna Koch

Small things that happened and some that did not explores and utilises the exhibition format itself as a place that connects time, creates artistic threads between works and provides an opportunity ... continue >

Dec 1–8. The In-Between Talks

The In-Between Talks is an interview project where Nelia Naumanen has asked questions to classmates who have graduated from the Bachelor's Programme in Dance at Stockholm University of the Arts
... continue >

Nov. 30. Sparkling Conversations: Informal conversations on dance and choreography

Sparkling Conversations: Informal conversations on dance and choreography initiated and moderated by Carima Neusser. On November 30 we invite you who work with dance and choreography to this years ... continue >

Nov 24+25. ASPHALT Series

ASPHALT Series a performance program curated by Dinis Machado With: CNIDARIEL, Luan Okun, Mia Meneses, Camila Malenchini, Progressive Genitalia, Gareth Cutter and Gemma Nash, Slim Soledad, XD ... continue >

Nov 14-18. AT ISSUE Extended at Weld

AT ISSUE is a flexible format INSISTER SPACE has proposed in previous years as gatherings focused on mutual learning processes. From guided classes to shared practices and questions, AT ISSUE is a ... continue >

Nov 8. Open Corners Stage Lab

Eight friends and previous classmates are coming together five months after graduating as dancers, trying to see what opens up beyond the nourishing corners of the school. They will be sharing ... continue >

Nov 8. Open sharing. Weld Extended: William Nylind + Virpi Pahkinen

Choreographer Virpi Pahkinen has worked with dancer William Nylind in a solo format. The invitation to the choreographer was to share his practice and create choreographic material linked to 12 ... continue >

Nov 3+4. fictions, stitched / Max Wallmeier & Maia Means

In fictions, stitched, Max Wallmeier and Maia Means explore the intersections of choreography and fiction with text, dry descriptions, fantasies and lots of paper. From an interest in how words ... continue >

Oct 27. Weld Extended + Przemek Kamiński (PL/DE)

These weeks the project Weld Extended is in focus. For this process we have invited dancers Argyri Samiotaki, Kacper Migas, Sigrid Sjöholm, Yari Stilo, Sanna Lundström to work in the studio with ... continue >

Okt 14. Book Presentation. Efva Lilja: Att leva i och genom dans

Welcome to share an afternoon about Swedish dance history and how it relates to the present. Based on a newly published book, Efva Lilja talks about what it has been like to work as an artist, what ... continue >

Oct 11. Practices of Abstraction / Flat Octopus + Cluster 8

Practices of Abstraction a meeting point for Art & Science This will be a kind of experiment. Let us think of the actual practice of artists and scientists! What is similar and what is ... continue >

Oct 4–6. Try-dimensions Through Trans-realities / Dinis Machado (SE/PT)

The work of choreographer, dancer and artist Dinis Machado addresses issues of queer and specifically trans identity and its conditions. Dinis has created the new work in a state of crisis, which has ... continue >

Sep 22–24. Jumelles / Frédéric Gies & Anne Juren

In Jumelles, Anne Juren and Frédéric Gies take on the task of portraying one another in the form of two twin dancing portraits: one danced by Anne Juren and choreographed by Frédéric Gies and the ... continue >

Sep 2–10. Moving Landscapes / QUARTO

After ten years of working with the black kilometer-long rope, which took QUARTO to unexpected places and successes, they continue their uncompromising artistic exploration of bodies in relation to ... continue >

Aug 30 + Sep 1,2,3. Delete White Male (Bootleg Edition) / Robin Dingemans

Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity. - Noel Ignatiev Delete White Male is a solo in which five exceptional artists - Harold Offeh, Hetain Patel, Marit Shirin Carolasdotter, Sean MacDonald ... continue >

Aug 17+18+20. It’s been a while since you hollowed my bones / Elise Mae Nuding

It’s been a while since you hollowed my bones (a choreographic installation) August 17 at 7pm August 18 at 7pm August 20 at 4pm Weld Norrtullsgatan 7 Book: book.weld.se You are invited to enter ... continue >

Weld this spring

Januay 11–15 GROV / Ellen Söderhult February 4+5 Tibrosamlingen / Anders Paulin & Johan Forsman February 16+17 Constellations and alliances: Chiron in Aries, Recital #4 Weld Extended / ... continue >

June 9–11. Georges tremble / Samuel Feldhandler (FR/AT)

Georges tremble is a dance trio by choreographer Samuel Feldhandler addressing composition, interpretation and the body as a complex ensemble of physio-/psychological systems. Performed by Yari ... continue >

June 7. Open Talk: MOTHER

MOTHER is a thematic evening and an open conversation where we together want to explore the complexity of the relationship between art and motherhood. Contributing guests are artist Magdalena Ljung, ... continue >

May 31. Sparkling Conversations: Informal conversations on dance and choreography

Sparkling Conversations: Informal conversations on dance and choreography initiated and moderated by Carima Neusser. On May 31 we invite you who work with dance and choreography to the spring's ... continue >

May 30. Officiell inauguration of Bibylon

Thierry Mortier and Weld present the art project Bibylon on May 30. Welcome to the official inauguration at Weld. Norrtullsgatan 7 at 6pm-8pm. The event is child-friendly!
May 30 at ... continue >

May 25+26. fett glider feather genom ordet / Marie Fahlin

For two days, choreographer and dancer Marie Fahlin presents a draft of a dance entitled fett glider feather genom ordet. On Thursday, the artist Leif Elggren, will also perform the dance solo That ... continue >

May 15-21. Performance records: a laboratory

Performance records is an artistic laboratory and program at Weld organized by Oda Brekke with Alexander Talts, Leah Landau, Lisa Schåman, Maia Means, Max Wallmeier, Simon Labbé, Sonja Pregrad and ... continue >

May 12–14. STHLM DANS: Unfolding II / Anna Koch

During the STHLM DANS festival, which runs from May 4-14, Weld and Anna Koch are participating with Unfolding II - dance in public spaces.
We jump to hope. We crawl to reclaim time. We hammer with
... continue >

May 12–14. Figuren / Hugo Hedberg

Figuren is a performance about the ambiguous desire to transform into a figure. Through singing and movement the piece explores transformation and longing. In a park in Stockholm a figure moves, ... continue >

May 12–14. SONOTOPER / Sara Lindström Lindhe & Jan Carleklev

SONOTOPER is an interactive choreographed sound performance where the presence of the audience is central. In the work we get to meet "Sono", a virtual character who guides us into a peculiar ... continue >

May 3–7. NPP 2023

We are happy to host the Master's students in New Performative Practices (NPP) 2023 at SKH who are now sharing their degree projects here at Weld. Those who show their works at Weld on May 3-7 are ... continue >

April 29. Tiny Festival Producers: The Answering Machine + performance by Denis Romanovski + concert with Insomnia Taxxi

Tiny Festival Producers and Weld invite you to an evening of performance, food and music in the colors of Ukraine. Tiny Festival Producers is a nomadic performing arts collective that since the fall ... continue >

April 26. Sparkling Conversations: Informal conversations on dance and choreography

Sparkling Conversations: Informal conversations on dance and choreography initiated and moderated by Carima Neusser. This spring we invite you who work with dance and choreography to two intimate ... continue >

April 14–16. Weaver / Anne-Mareike Hess (DE/LU)

To me, ‘The Future is female’ means that no longer will female qualities be subordinated to male qualities. I want to live in a world that is collaborative. A world that is emotionally ... continue >

April 16. Book release: In an act of weaving

Welcome to the book release of In an act of weaving at Weld! At the beginning of autumn 2022, Nefeli Oikonomou and Weld presented the project In an act of weaving - a colorful umbrella that began ... continue >

March 24–26. Inside you there is / Erik Valentin Berg

Three performers are in a space without a beginning or end. It is total. All there is is there. It is like they are born here, only incused on each other without any contact of an outside world. They ... continue >

March 17. Open Talk. Ursinne: Where is our Rage?

We want to explore the power we often don't dare to face: rage. We invite you to an open discussion and film screening on the theme of rage. Participating guests are artist and performer Stella ... continue >

March 9, 10 + 12. Seems to be / Stina Ehn & Denise Lim

Seems to be is a collage of dances, drawings and music. In the piece images of commodities, technologies and everyday objects are distributed and dispersed. The work juxtaposes the ordinary with the ... continue >

Feb 16+17. Weld Extended at Dansens Hus

Weld Extended is an extension of the Weld Company project. It brings together dancers and choreographers of different ages and experiences in a joint exploration. The premiere of Chiron in Aries, ... continue >

Feb 4+5. Tibrosamlingen / Anders Paulin & Johan Forsman

Tibrosamlingen (The Tibro Collection) is the first performance in the framework of The Promise project, which started in 2020 and will end in 2050.
Tibrosamlingen is a text based performance in ... continue >

Jan 11–15. ROUGH / Ellen Söderhult

ROUGH is a performance about the monstrous feelings of sweet bitter love. It is wrestling with the differences between what it feels like and what it looks like. For example something that looks ... continue >